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Vibe addict, 2 keep the warmth under my chest.
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𝙐𝕣𝙗𝕟𝙈𝕠𝙬𝕘𝙡𝕚 is a Berlin based electronic music producer DJ and sound designer. In papers he's German-American with Haitian decent, but has the soul of a worlds man. Born 92 in Brussels, he lived in Italy and the USA before moving to Berlin where he (re)discovered his passion for electronic music and gathered enough inspiration to create his sound through and with technology.

His style varies from house raw/ deep, melodic techno, and alternative experimental electronic energetic breaks to other forms of dance floor oriented music, thus leaving his style unique and unrestrained! 𝙐𝕣𝙗𝕟𝙈𝕠𝙬𝕘𝙡𝕚 creates his sound from many different influences and sources to then redefine it through his club culture experiences and nostalgic memories of the past.

His productions are purely himself and his synths. Described as soul-fu(l)nk dark, melodic surreal and forward grooving he's capable to transport his listeners far away. He stands for a sound inspired from the unknown and the quest of fulfillment through emotions in time.

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