New actual lo-fi house music reviews and podcasts from all over the world including russian rawhouse music in it's essence


DRY James / Whitney EP

First VODOLEY release JAMES / WHITNEY EP – Inspiration by creativity of a new outsiders wave and the culture of […]

Family affair of Nerang Recordings

To celebrate its 50th digital release Nerang Recordings prepared for us two big compilations, which includes tracks of each Nerang […]

Dream Raw Recordings’s union release

DRR015 release by Dream Raw Recordings from Vienna, Austria is the result of cooperation between six different artists. This […]

Rawcast 1 from Siberia by Ooh_Yeah

New podcast by Ooh_Yeah //jichael mackson – rawcast 1 Place: Tyumen, Russian Federation Some raw and strong lo-fi house […]

Everything I Never Told You EP by YvesSaintRoman

YvesSaintRoman – Everything I Never Told You EP //30.11.2017 Place: Kiev, Ukraine Label: RawCraft Music Young house music […]

Lucid Dreams of Elysian Fields EP

Rimbaudian’s new release on Koepel – Lucid Dreams of Elysian Fields EP //Cat Number: Koepel-II. Track 1001 ways of […]

Spirit of England by David Peckham

David Peckham Some fresh lo-fi house from London, United Kingdom More news at welofi


 Lo-fi house Dream was blurry – not much info, but whatever some lo-fi house music with artworks by Boris […]

New sound from DJ Boring

DJ Boring – It’s Difficult to Explain. New sound from London.  The origins of London based DJ & […]