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Latvian house with Nicolas Barnes – weloficast vol.14

11.02.2018 . by welofi

Hey. Nicolas! When music came into your life? Are there any inspirators for that? Music has always been …

Interview: Welofi x ulderico tarasconi

05.02.2018 . by welofi

Ciao, Ulderico! How is it going? First of all, let us congratulate you on your «Modelissimo» EP. Interested …

we are just trying to look at the dynamic in the lo-fi music

23.01.2018 . by welofi

we are just trying to look at the dynamic in the music we are just trying to look …

Italian underground lo-fi with Jacopo Sb

04.01.2018 . by welofi

I few days ago we talked with the italian lo-fi house producer  Jacopo Sb. He continued our Weloficast series …

Weloficast vol. 7 – MAAVIN in a raw

15.12.2017 . by welofi

Today’s weloficast series podcast vol.7 by MAAVIN. We talked to him and asked some questions about his creativity and views …

Review: russian music labels and raw. Part 1

09.12.2017 . by welofi

We want to introduce some interesting Russian music labels and tell something more about local modern underground music …

VOLNA 1 – first limited release

04.12.2017 . by welofi

About New label VOLNA from Nizhny Novgorod sets a goal to join up people with the original and lush views …

FABIO MONESI’S interview for Welofi //WILSON RECORDS NIGHT 18th feb 2017

05.11.2017 . by welofi

18th feb 2017 WILSON RECORDS NIGHT w/ FABIO MONESI, OL, LOW808, ELLIPSE, MICHURA, LOL123 (Наука и Искусство, Moscow, …