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  • Weloficast vol. 10 – Lo-fi sounding from Kiev by GHETTO.SUNRISE

    welofi lo-fi house raw music

    Weloficast series podcast vol. 10 with ghetto.sunrise a member of a Criminal Practice community.Lo-fi sounding from Kiev, Ukraine Lo-fi house (also referred to as outsider house) is a genre of electronic music combining elements of house music, techno and noise. The music is often rough-sounding and “lo-fi”, in contrast to the “polished cleanliness” of other contemporary […]

  • Italian underground lo-fi with Jacopo Sb

    welofi lo-fi house raw

    I few days ago we talked with the italian lo-fi house producer  Jacopo Sb. He continued our Weloficast series with the great podcast mix and answered for some questions about his music activities. Short Interview: When did your path with music cross for the first time? Had your music preferences undergone some sort of transformation? I […]

  • ВНЕ ЗДЕСЬ again at weloficast vol. 8

    welofi lo-fi house music raw russian

    ВНЕ ЗДЕСЬ is back at weloficast series in volume 8. This podcast is is closely connected with upcoming lo-fi house event – 23.12 RAW ENERGY ☁ ДОМ ПЕЧАТИ by RAW72 promo group. Some especial and actual house grooves. Podcast tracklist: 1 Adam Emil – Light Dub 2 fmy & voyd – stay woke 3 Slim Steve – Another Random Morning 4 Slim […]

  • Weloficast vol. 7 – MAAVIN in a raw

    welofi lo-fi house raw russian music

    Today’s weloficast series podcast vol.7 by MAAVIN. We talked to him and asked some questions about his creativity and views on life. That’s what we got: What are the reasons for you to love this specific raw sounding? I think raw scene resonates with me the most not only because of its specific crusty and early hip-hop influenced […]

  • Weloficast series vol. 6 w/ Magic Vulpes

    New episode of Weloficast podcast series vol. 6 by Magic Vulpes //something very nice from Voronezh Tracklist: 1. Global Communication – 0:54 2. Maelstrom – The Line 3. June – Between 2 Fires 4. Clocked Devices – PLVX 5. Bellatrix – Cut2 6. St Theodore – Mortal Strike (Snippet) 7. Talyfromloud – Tanztploshadka 8. Low Tape […]

  • Weloficast series vol. 5 w/ RISEEFY96

    weloficast podcast by RISEEFY96

    New podcast in Weloficast series vol. 5 by RISEEFY96Place: NovosibirskNew podcast with raw house sounding from deep Siberia. RISEEFY96 you are welcome. Tracklist 1 silentspook – Fresh Start2 Subjoi – The Way I Feel3 dpcld – Up Early Smokin’ and Jamin’4 DJ BORING – I Know You Want To (Baltra Remix)5 DJ Heure – Outsider […]

  • Weloficast series vol.4 w/ levice

    welofi podcast by levice

    Weloficast series vol.4 w/ levicePlace: Saint Petersburg, Russia//atmospheric house music podcast from northern cultural capital – Saint-Petersburg Tracklist 1. Urulu – Night Tube (VYG05)2. DJ Qu – Loveboxx (secretsundaze 016)3. Audion-SKY (DANIEL AVERY REMIX) (Spectral Sound)4. Mall Grab – Caught Slippin’ (AVA 013)5. Lone – From a Past Life (R&S Records)6. Cody Currie – Prologue […]

  • Weloficast vol. 3 by dpcld

    Weloficast #3 by dpcld Place: Saint-Petersburg, Russia – the culural capital and one of the main centers of russian musical industry Some atmospheric rawhouse vibes and some unreleased stuff. “With love to welofi and all my friends” – dpcld Tracklist Charles.A.D – Hot Sea PADDY – Stella Artois DJ Windows XP – Maybe It Was […]

  • Weloficast series vol. 2. //MNGRS

    Today’s Weloficast with MNGRS. House vibes from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Tracklist Vrrs – YOGA FLAME Kid Choo – Silver Ride Creta Kano – Skyway Motel Junk Son – Over (Ross From Friends remix) Mounty – Acid Runner (Dotalovo Remix) SLIM HUSTLA – Slick Manoeuvres dotalovo – tok v pozvonok Marshall Fishwick – Ulits Dal (special version for […]

  • Weloficast vol. 1 by вне здесь

    Weloficast vol.1 by вне здесь //place: Tyumen We’re glad to announce the beginning of our Weloficast series so that you can hear especial mixes from different local artists. Each of them will show you a unique projection of music they play. Today ВНЕ ЗДЕСЬ starts our trip with his atmospheric mix indeed. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy […]