An episodic series of house music podcast by welofi which you can listen to. It is often available for subscription. Fresh episodes are alwaya on time at soundcloud and at iTunes. We are trying to collect rawhouse music in it’s essence. We are open to suggestions and collaborations

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Explore South America with Vera Brothers
Music Istanbul with Sevil
SAINTPVBLO interview
DJ SunRoof is on the air
DJ Windows 7 interview.log
Uruguayan house with Paniik
Truth interview for WELOFI
Weloficast vol.38 w/ 𝓑𝓾𝓭𝓭𝔂 𝓛𝓮𝓶𝓫𝓮𝓬𝓴
Weloficast vol.37 w/ Haveck
Weloficast vol.36 w/ XDDUB
Weloficast vol.35 w/ COMPUTER DATA
Weloficast vol.34 w/ babylon barsebäck
Weloficast vol.33 w/ maximilli0n
Weloficast vol.32 w/ Ezzy
Raw poetry  with DJ PHYSICAL
Weloficast vol.30 w/ DJ Nerdiboy 🌴🌴🌴
Sound factory by Faktura
Weloficast vol.29 w/ code.pump
Weloficast vol.28 w/ апсел
Colombian house music with DJ MAYBE
Weloficast vol.27 w/ Foamek
Colombian house music with DJ MAYBE
Weloficast vol.26 w/ Nightdrive
Weloficast vol.25 w/ вне здесь
Weloficast vol.24 w/ At Dawn
Catching inspiration with Adam //Weloficast vol.23
Swedish underground with DJ Different
French raw house vibrancy  with AL94
Kyiv based weloficast with Hopper Field //Criminal Practice
Weloficast vol. 20 by I.N.T.S.
Weloficast vol. 19 by ВНЕ ЗДЕСЬ
Weloficast vol. 18 by Nightdrive
DJ Sendnudes //PalmStructure - House music is like an epic poem
Weloficast vol. 16 by scruscru
Weloficast vol. 15 by Marco Lazovic
Latvian house with Nicolas Barnes - weloficast vol.14
Interview: Welofi x ulderico tarasconi
Weloficast vol. 12 w/ Денис Казаков
Nina - The way your love goes
we are just trying to look at the dynamic in the lo-fi music
Weloficast vol. 11 - ОЧЕНЬ ДЛИННЫЙ КОТ
Weloficast vol. 10 - Lo-fi sounding from Kiev by GHETTO.SUNRISE
Italian underground lo-fi with Jacopo Sb
DRY James / Whitney EP
Family affair of Nerang Recordings
ВНЕ ЗДЕСЬ again at weloficast vol. 8
Dream Raw Recordings's union release
Weloficast vol. 7 - MAAVIN in a raw
Weloficast series vol. 6 w/ Magic Vulpes
Review: russian music labels and raw. Part 1
VOLNA 1 - first limited release
Weloficast series vol. 5 w/ RISEEFY96
Weloficast series vol.4 w/ levice
Rawcast 1 from Siberia by Ooh_Yeah
Everything I Never Told You EP by YvesSaintRoman
Lucid Dreams of Elysian Fields EP
Weloficast vol. 3 by dpcld
Weloficast series vol. 2. //MNGRS
Spirit of England by David Peckham
New sound from DJ Boring
Weloficast vol. 1 by вне здесь
FABIO MONESI'S interview for Welofi //WILSON RECORDS NIGHT 18th feb 2017