DJ SunRoof is on the air
What devices or software do you use in music production?

I’m currently only using Ableton and a tape deck.

How much time do you spend on music?

I tried to spend about 6-7 hours on Ableton per night, longer if I can get the chance.

Can you tell us something about your musical taste evolution?

My taste has changed a lot over the past few years, I’ve always been really into house and techno, but recently I’ve started getting into jungle, UKG, half time and electro.

Australia is very interesting place with it’s specific music scene/ Which aspects forms its image nowdays?

The electronic music scene in Australia isn’t bad when you get away from the clubs and start going to warehouse parties where the magic happens.

Any musical plans for 2018 or more spontaneous thing?

I’m going to try and get over to Berlin at some point this year.

Five cool random tracks at the end of august for you:

*1 DJ Stingray – The Strategy of Tension

*2 Cyborg 95 – Ultratek (whole EP)

*3 Adryiano – Wanna Give U

*4 Revived Pleasure – I Don’t

*5 Daze – Neuromance