Moodrich always brings enough in the way of ghetto house patterns and acid bassline.

UrbanMowgli is a Berlin based producer, DJ and sound-designer who's ultimate drive is to create timeless moments, making us move and think. Residenting at Berlins infamous Jonny Knüppel and being part of SEV collective.

This man exists as a viscous fluid, when touched at a high velocity, it becomes solid, enabling of embracing it's own duality.  He always shots through with melodic synths and undulating drum patterns that recalls the likes of contemporary house classics by Lobster Theremin and Shall Not Fade representatives, but only from Moscow.

Il ne faut jamais négliger les détails car ils peuvent être source de désagréments importants ; les détails peuvent causer des ennuis importants ; une faute dans un détail peut compromettre tout un ensemble.  Everything is important
-that success is in the details

Really talented young producer from Almaty, Kazakhstan, who seamlessly blending dreamy synth patterns with dusty drum sequences.

He produces cool stuff since earlier 2017. This is that man who created wellknown 'Gift' strong'Corrélation' and  meditative 'Fields'.

Dj windows 7 aka Javier Persabal had a lot of cool tracks and releases, just look at label's list: Berlinhousemusic, Imported Recordings, welofi, moskalus, Adam Bfd, TR4R, Dancing Tramonto, clipp_art, Dusky Adriatic.

One of the most wellknown producers of Siberia, from Krasnoyarsk, who always makes nice groovy tunes

Our good friend Nightdrive always makes really smooth house sounding. Also, I guess, he is the most productive person in Saint Petersburg.

He is a young and perspective figure in alternative music. Pìjus bases his music on punchy kicks and deep bassline which blows you into another dimension. With numerous releases in other labels like Les Yeux Orange and Getting Deeper,

Wellknown mate from Odessa. We a lots of nice releases on pleasant labels.

Mark Mass

Staying Ugly man Since 1997 who produces ghetto lo-fi outdancer's move

Circle Audio

Friendly record label with own promotional channel. Established in March 2019 by @full-motion-disaster

Thanks to all for taking part!

Together we are shaping a new page for electronic music