Weloficast vol. 7 - MAAVIN in a raw

Today's weloficast series podcast vol.7 by MAAVIN. We talked to him and asked some questions about his creativity and views on life. That's what we got:

What are the reasons for you to love this specific raw sounding?

I think raw scene resonates with me the most not only because of its specific crusty and early hip-hop influenced sound, but also its overall atmosphere. You can't get the same feeling listening to commercially produced record.

If we talk about devices, which are the most important in studio in your opinion and which do you use in music production?

I can't afford to use hardware in my production, so instead I study the principles of its work and then try to emulate it in my DAW. That said, the most important thing to me is my MIDI keyboard, I think its essential to have one in order to achieve the flowing and dynamic sound. If I had the opportunity I'd buy mpc60 or sp1200, their iconic 12-bit sound influenced my music quite a lot.

And what do you think about the tendencies of development of raw house music in Russia?

Russia has a lot of different incredibly talented producers and thanks to the Internet some of them are well-known overseas, even more so than here. When it comes to general public, I think the raw house scene is still very much underground, but it's only a matter of time before it changes. We already have our own independent labels and a fast growing community.

You are one of the creators of events under the auspices of the SESSIA, please tell us something more about the idea of its creation?

We created SESSIA together with one of my friends, rarimdamph. We both wanted to make an event where it'd be possible to play the music we like and invite artists that we personally enjoy. You can't hear this type of sound in a lot of places. We had a few troubles at the start before figuring out the path we wanted to follow, but I think right now we've got the potential to grow into something great.

What's in the plans for SESSIA events? Maybe SESSIA x Boiler Room? - That sounds good.

SESSIA's got a lot of plans. We want to expand and invite not only Russian musicians, but also some of the people we enjoy from all over the world. Right now you can look forward to collaboration between us and VDL.

Ok, and finally, if we talk about your self-development, what inspires you the most?

Fortunately I know a lot of very very talented people and their creativity is what often gives me the urge to immediately drop everything and go write new music. I got a lot of plans for future releases, including collaborations with some of my favorite Russian producers. Stay tuned.


1. juicy j - soldiers from the north
2. slim hustla - 2100
3. s. moreira - clean or high
4. bioroot - 125fgmn
5. dpcld - for my people
6. maavin - UNRELEASED
7. subjoi - flashing lights
8. gerry read - third date
9. anthony fade - creepin
10. baltra - tear drop
11. ray kandinski - where u at
12. hush hush - thinkin' bout you
13. dj slyngshot - they still can't grasp it
14. babylon barsebäck - wristwatch
15. epikur - speedrunner IV
16. silk 86 - rhapsody
17. steven b.c. - what they doin

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