Lai Raw – Special 2 Her

[Emotional Voyage Records]

We are happy to announce the premiere of Lai Raw – Special 2 Her as a part of various artists compillation Emotional Voyage VA 2 by Emotional Voyage Records.

Emotional Voyage Records stands for underground emotional dance music ranging form breakbeat, acid, elektro, lofi- house, techno, trance and everything and any other undefined subgenre that makes you move and think.
This VA gathers a defined but wide spectrum of a total of 16 artists, which joined forces to express themselves through the label sound. From dance floor ready banger to breaky chillers this VA is sure to please you on multiple levels.
‘Special2Her’ is Lai Raw’s ode to London, the place where he spent his formative years learning his craft. The scene is set with a perpetuating, skipping drum break that is soon met by a warm fuzzy blanket of piano sample chops. It doesn’t take long until the nostalgic club vibes are completed with a classic house acapella, reminding us of the power of true love. With it’s gripping melancholic emotion and yet driving and complex rythms this tracks represents the core of Lai Raw’s musical aesthetic.


Lai Raw

Release date


Cover & Design by

Adrian Cain, Ipek Yanaraltin

Lai Raw

When it comes to music and everything beyond, Lai Raw’s mission is one of constant cultural exploration and evolution. Growing up in the balmy south of Spain his sound is informed by the warm and melancholic flavours while his love for breakbeats and skippy grooves stems from his time studying sound in London.
Now residing in Berlin, Lai Raw managed to first build a reputation in the local hiphop scene through a string of successful releases with his production outfit Dope est Dope as well as his genre defying DJ collective and event series 195.bln.
His recent #Rawsauce club edits as well as his latest house singles ‘Newly Luv’ and ‘Special 2 Her’ find him going down a clubby and more dancefloor oriented path. After joining Berlin’s underground collective SEV and co-founding the CURA Berlin open air parties it seems his DJ journey is only just starting.

Anyway, you can listen and support release on Bandcamp.

Mastering: Roybmasters & Nachtkerze Studio
Curators: UrbnMowgli & Moodrich

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