Contact us for any suggestions you want

You can get in touch with us in any case  you want. Suggest demo for release. Tell us something interesting in music industry, events etc.

Want to send a track* on consideration for a premiere on Welofi?

Send us your tracks by private links to [email protected] or SoundCloud direct

File requirements for track PREMIERE on Welofi in SoundCloud:

  • cover file jpg or png;
  • track wav or mp3;
  • if you have a description, we’re adding it;
  • attach your social media links (soundcloud, facebook, etc).

Have a demo* to suggest for release or take part in our VA compilations? ❤️

Send your demos by private links to [email protected] or SoundCloud direct

File requirements for RELEASES on Welofi:

  • each track file wav 44100/16;
  • cover art jpeg 1500×1500 (png not supported);
  • if there is no cover, then attach at least something (illustration, photo, etc.) to understand the general atmosphere of the future release;
  • send us release name in following format «Artist name – Release name»;
  • all tracks must be numbered and correctly named in the format «01. Artist name – Track name» (no extra words like master and so on are allowed) +It is recommended to pay attention to Capital/lowercase letters or all CAPITAL (so that there are no problems later);
  • if the tracks contain obscene language, it is better to notify about this in advance in order to indicate “18+” and not encounter problems with streaming;
  • it will be very useful if you indicate the names of the authors of the track and links to social networks.

* the best way is to send us demo via private soundcloud links, thank you!

Bonus clarifications: it is best to send any demo (albums/tracks/mixes) not as attached MP3 files in a letter, but rather send an email with private links to tracks uploaded to SoundCloud. It doesn’t matter whether they are private or public, but we definitely view demos with links and respond much faster. Thank you!

Want to pitch an artist/mix* for the Weloficast Radioshow?  on MEGAPOLIS 89.5FM

Send your links or files (mixes) to [email protected] or SoundCloud direct.
And you can find us in telegram chat:

Got a label review or release news?

Contact us via [email protected] 

Want to pitch an artist for a mate list?

Contact us via [email protected] 

Want to advertise on our website?

[email protected]

Have a commercial proposal or want a media/streaming partnership?

Contact us via [email protected] 

Want to promote your festival, event or venue?

Contact us via [email protected] 

Want to pitch a scene report or event review?

Contact us via [email protected] 

Want to discuss something digital related?

Contact us via [email protected] or [email protected]

Have a news story for our website reviews?

Contact us via [email protected] 

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