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Russian speaking songwriter YASASHI. Her vocal streams from R&B till ghetto house patterns. She has feats with 3DKUN, ОСЕНЬ08, ACJI, Jacopo Sb, samaraxpress.
«I love the literature and philosophy of Gurdjieff, the Russian forest after rain and the warm ocean in secluded corners.
One day I came to a recording session for Jacopo SB and Vova (Riitme) suggested we to work together. This resulted at present in 3 single releases and one EP «Forget, Remember» [«Забывай вспоминай»]. My favorite collab is «Shadow by Shadow» [«Тень за тенью»]. Also, S.A.Y. joined our team for one release. And our Eurodance will be released soon.
Project Yasashi gave two lives for the large open area of ​​Voronezh (Winzavod [Винзавод]) and BOOTLEG club. Our feat with ASHFIVE on System108 will be released this summer.
P.S. As I think Kostya [«Осень 08»] is very talented, but lazy)»

Some random tracks in your mind:

And now my top 5 electronic favorites, from which the heart jumps out and a feeling arises:

  1. ugly nick & lowdan – 2 8 1 4
  2. Clara la Sun – Let you go (Obskür remix)
  3. dj something – for u
  4. N95 – feelings
  5. Cream Soda ft. Valery Rousseau – Русские ночи

It will sound funny, but I’m not super versed in musical styles and in general I’m a fan of constantly listening to Phil Collins, Brian Adams, Shade and Young Lean with Blady and all the alternative sound around them like Weosum. I love the cozy sound.

Promo & rider info

Google disk link with photos and pdf-file with technical/bio rider.

A rider is a document that a band, musician or other performer will send over to the booker relating to their requirements for performance. Most performers will have certain essential items that they need the booker to provide in order to do their job to the best possible standard. A rider states these requirements.


[Welofi, WLF136]

This collaboration compilation with Various Artists presents the quintessence of Welofi’s vision of house music sounding.

released May 26, 2023

S.A.Y., Yasashi – Глаза
(extended Mix)
[Rhymes Music, 2023]

Глаза что лгали и искали
Они лгали и искали
Лгали и искали
Они лгали и искали
Он так желал
Он так желал
Глаза что лгали и искали
Они лгали и искали
Лгали и искали
Они лгали и искали

[selfrelease, 2022]

FGroovy house with great vocal, This track was released in 2022.
Full collaboration with 3D KUN has more than five tracks.

Jacopo Sb – Blue Velvet
ft. Yasashi
[selfrelease, 2023]

This track was premiered on EELF’s youtube channel and has a great feedback.

ACJI, yasashi – время флирта

This track is a part of big collaboration «Organ Boys Club 2»
that also consist of tracks by DIRTY GLASSEZ, Gygas,
Broosnica, nmnvndl, N95, skrpump etc

YASASHI, a multifaceted Russian songwriter, continues to make waves across various music genres ranging from soulful R&B to pulsating ghetto house. Her collaborations with notable artists like 3DKUN, ОСЕНЬ08, ACJI, Jacopo Sb, and samaraxpress not only showcase her versatility but also her ability to seamlessly blend different musical styles.

Her inspirations are deeply rooted in her appreciation for the nuanced philosophy of Gurdjieff and the intrinsic beauty of the natural world, such as the scent of Russian forests dampened by rain and the tranquil warmth of hidden oceanic corners. YASASHI’s love for these elements deeply influences her music, giving it a soulful and introspective quality.

A serendipitous meeting at a recording session with Jacopo SB introduced her to Riitme (Vova), sparking a productive collaboration. This partnership has already borne fruit, resulting in the release of three singles and an emotionally charged EP titled “Forget, Remember” [«Забывай вспоминай»]. Among these, “Shadow by Shadow” [«Тень за тенью»] stands out as her favorite project, showcasing a deep and resonant connection with her collaborators.

Moreover, the addition of S.A.Y. to the team further enriched their sound, hinting at an exciting future direction with an upcoming Eurodance release that promises to energize their audience. The project has been brought to life on stage with two well-received live performances in the large open spaces of Voronezh, notably at Winzavod [Винзавод] and BOOTLEG club.

An intriguing collaboration with ASHFIVE on System108 is set to be released this summer, anticipated to stir the music scene with its innovative sound. YASASHI humorously notes her belief in the talent yet lamentable laziness of Kostya [«Осень 08»], highlighting the personal dynamics and light-hearted bonds within the music community she navigates.

Through her explorations across different musical landscapes and her profound connections with fellow artists, YASASHI not only shapes her unique soundscapes but also leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of her listeners.