Our own reviews of a new friendly tracks which we premiere on our soundcloud page


  • PREMIERE: ‘FATAL ERR8R’ EP by ОСЕНЬ08 [Welofi]
    CATEGORY: Premiere
    In FATAL ERR8R we can meet atmospheric pads and synths creates a dreamy and ghetto atmosphere in many of the tracks, while the pulsing basslines and driving beats keep the energy high and the listener engaged. The attention to detail and the subtle nuances in the production make the tracks stand out and give them a unique character [Read more]
  • XO-5 x Cyberian Relic - Loveless []PREMIERE: XO-5 x Cyberian Relic – Loveless []
    CATEGORY: Premiere
    Ivanovo and Nadym with a hot mix of Lo-Fi House and Leftfield Ambient, alongside touches of Disco and Phonk, to form an understated Rave Sound that works just as easily fucked up and glued to Mario Cart YouTubee-esque visitations of dance music as it does renegade funk siren beckoning a unseen & unknown Eastern bloc TikTok generation onto their home bassment dancefloors. [Read more]
  • PREMIERE: Artemjka – Johnny Depp’s Testimony [Welofi]
    CATEGORY: Premiere
    Short and groovy fan art review which was carefully compiled in local russian suburbs about this dramatic story: Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation in connection with Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed, although Heard’s article did not specifically name Depp. Amber Heard is counter-suing Depp. [Read more]
  • PREMIERE: 16bit Lover Boy – Wonder Beagle [Bella Ursa]
    CATEGORY: Premiere
    Here is a premire of 16bit Lover Boy - Wonder Beagle [Bella Ursa] from Nebula Scarabea #01 VA by Bella Ursa on Welofi. As the mothership celebrates its second year of cruising through the boundless stars towards the Unknown, it is once again time to bring on board a new batch of like-minded souls. Collectively, we probe the myriad of cosmic layers that form the Ursa Nebulas. [Read more]
  • PREMIERE: Lai Raw – Special 2 Her [Emotional Voyage Records]
    CATEGORY: Premiere
    Emotional Voyage Records stands for underground emotional dance music ranging form breakbeat, acid, elektro, lofi- house, techno, trance and everything and subgenre [Read more]