PREMIERE: Capon & Lemon Schaden - Intro (Nocho Outro Remix) [Jade]

PREMIERE: Capon & Lemon Schaden – Intro (Nocho Outro Remix) [Jade]

Prepare your ears, because deep in the ground resounds “Hollowcastle” ! Analogy of a mysterious train station. This musical square, similar to a mysterious train station and thought up after a journey, plunges you into a most singular atmosphere. It’s the fruit of the duo Capon & Lemon Schaden, both members of the ÖND collective in Rennes.

Each track features an assemblage of electronic styles, oscillating between overseas influences, club music and ethereal strings.
In the introduction, these opposites of broken rhythm, techno start and dreamy pad are perfectly reflected.
“Texture222” affirms the EP’s driving club feel, adding hypnotic industrial structures.
“Deep Step” transports quasi-organic material into a track with sounds that cross between trance techno and glitchy jungle.
Finally, “Lost In Hollowcastle ” brings the journey to a close, blending spacey synths with a driving breakbeat groove.
The four tracks are accompanied by two remixes by artists STRKTUR (Jade’s founder) and Nocho (Ethos Records, DLZ, Tannhauser Gate, Texture recordings). “Lost In Hollowcastle” is adorned with gripping electro and well-placed vocals, while “Intro” is reversed, offering a soaring, fast-paced build-up.

An hypnotic journey to the heart of techno made of emotions.


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