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Broosnica is an excellent musician who has embraced a large number of different branches of music genres, one might even say a real musical mastodon of modern electronic rhythms. Discography from Welofi to Hyperboloid, Fuselab and other major labels and musicians. Broosnica also has its own label – LOFI.

Some random tracks in your mind:


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Google disk link with photos and pdf-file with technical/bio rider.

A rider is a document that a band, musician or other performer will send over to the booker relating to their requirements for performance. Most performers will have certain essential items that they need the booker to provide in order to do their job to the best possible standard. A rider states these requirements.

«funk faker»
by broosnica & mac passion

[Welofi, WLF180]

Organically reinterpreting the best of funk music (perhaps true fact?) and capturing the electronic format of everyday modernity, «Funk Faker» bursts into the first day of spring.

«Lovers Acid»

[Locked Radio: 808 day VA, WLF149]

43 years long, the magical sounding of an analog drum machine have been capturing the hearts of listeners around the world, changing the usual look of music and creating new styles. TR 808 is not just a box with buttons and knobs, it is full-fledged musical instrument that has become a cult. Despite being a commercial failure since its release, it is thanks to its distinctive sound that the TR 808 continues to inspire people to this day to create new music that no one has ever heard before.
30 people from all over the world joined forces to create this magnificent compilation, thus paying tribute to this TR-808 – instrument, which gave inspiration and endless creative potential.

«Volshebnyj Krem» by broosnica
[Post Pandemic VA]

[Welofi VA, WLF156]

At the end of February, a huge number of people woke up with a persistent feeling of inability to influence anything in the global situation.
In this new world, where the fluid notion of “peace” is chained in quotation marks, goals and hopes begin to fade imperceptibly. The sense of security in modern society begins to lose its original meaning. Tomorrow is associated with complexity.

vrdnprvchk – «Clinic Depression» (Broosnica Remix) 
[meta house VA]

[Welofi VA, WLF122]

Meta house (also known as power house, kind of ghetto house, directly spawned as a sub genre of outsider house) is a genre of electronic house music combining elements of techno, electro and deep house music with bassline patterns saturated of groovy hats. Also artists originally embracing distorting or aggressive lofi techniques rather than the cleanliness of mainstream EDM genres and deep house. Power house was originally inspired by combination of rap acapellas with deep house pads. Mostly present on the SoundCloud platform since 2018 on channels like L.I.E.S., Lobster Theremin, RAIDERS, Filth Inc., Welofi, MOSOBLELECTRO,, ORGAN BOYS CLUB, УРБАН, childsplay, urwaxx. This music is characterized by repeated vocals or acapellas from old school rap tapes and samples from lately-1990s hip hop, often combining them with elements of acid sounding and strong kick.

«Please Don’t Cry» by broosnica
[Isolation VA 2020]

[Welofi VA, WLF020]

Big collaboration album with well known artists and music neophytes from all over the world with the vast geography except Antarctica. Our compilation “Isolation VA 2020” consist of different electronic music from ambient to techno and ghetto house. We have the opportunity to understand our mates’s vision and to check their feeling of what is happening with the world in one of it’s crazy period.
HORSEMEN, Consumane, yung acid, 3D KUN, Nikolay Sunak,
BADBADLUV, Soft Blade x niur, Sweater On Polo, mramora, Ottonian, Apsel, miho, Nightdrive, Norus, Emil_io, Freddie Horsby, Jetelmen, СВИТ БОИ, Copen, Broosnica, Leshutler, Maxim Matasov, Skiba, Chesnokovskii, NRTHSTR, Utro6, PathWay Pat, DM 90, HESTER, BΔESIDE, SS87, sweetestcape, Lejeune & Naldi, Discotopia

«Dope Thing»
by Broosnica
[Essential Mates VA] 

[Welofi, WLF056]

Our mate and producer from Russia – Broosnica has released music on labels Fuselab, RAW RUSSIAN and ∆ØПЕ. Also he is one of Default Russia’s (aka ДЕФОЛТ) heads. And now we welcome him back again with a new one release on Welofi.
Broosnica’s latest outing ‘Spring Vibes’ EP [WLF056] showcases some of his finest work to date, seamlessly blending dreamy synth patterns with wellknown vocal hooks and dusty drum sequences.

‘Paradis Taxi ‘ taking you on a house journey through love and feelings, perfect to start the spring with. A dusty emotive outsider house with its tranquil hi-hats slicing through the haze inducing punchy bassline we can find in ‘Memphis Dreams’. Further EP pervade us groovie beats throught the ghetto sounding from summer of ’92 motives in ‘U R’. ‘Russkij Speed Garage ‘ is the final track to the release and feel the journey was touched on a bit of acid garage spiced with breakbeat.

«J Dilla Life House»
by broosnica
[Whatever VA 3​.​0]

[Welofi VA, WLF040]

The Russian speaking mates still alive with our third big compilation titled “Whatever” – full of atmospheric music. What we got? – 27 strong bangers, let’s see:
Tracks by Moscow stars as Tagi and Dasha Ignatova under the strong bass line of rising DJBOEING flavored with deepest underground vibes from Mramora and Ftrmnk. UrbnMowgli’s latest outing ‘Sunset On Mars’ delves deep us with his core sound and influences. Also, don’t forget about secret tapes from Kush Cloud and Mark Mass. Moodrich has been slowly and surely making his mark on the contemporary underground scene. Independent release features music from A moony cat, EEBONE and Navechno. Nightdrive bringing the listener to front centre of the dance. Imdanyayourfrnd is as hypnotic as it is dynamic, perfect for both big rooms and tiny basements. Detailseventy3’s ‘We Smoke Weed’ at once old school yet so achingly fresh and exciting. ‘YOSIMITE’ by HeatRaw is a dynamic track that pulls you in hard and spins you out glistening. ‘Like A Flower’ by Ktskm is shadowy loops steeped in urgency – the shape of things to come from Japan. ‘Untitled’ by R_FT performs the collaboration between FLORIAN and NASCA from the famous SWEET NECTAR label. Made as a Jam with a 909, 303, GR-1 and Octatrack, ‘I Wish I Had A Dream About You’ by Max Wlasou takes us on a rhythmic journey, Slime Coca lets broken beats smack against swirling electronics in ‘DCRF#4’. One of the leaders of the siberian underground Broosnica, one of the ДЕФОЛТ’s leaders, champions modern electronic music representation in Russia with his ‘J Dilla Life House’. Wide Shut – ‘Eyes’ demonstrates discerning ear for all that’s transcendental. Serious A shots through the lens of a space utopian future-Earth scene in kaleidoscopic ‘Tell me’. After all ‘Saturday’s 4 AM Preaching’ by Gofreeze is eerie and enigmatic, a driving cut for late-night trips. 100% warehouse body music on this driving track ‘Speak Alone’ by Wama performs the endless beat. ‘Shoreline East’ is an exploration through mind-warping cosmic funk and tangy acid lines from DJ COOKOUT. Slipping into the pacey melancholic space-jam. Circle Audio unleashing four killer slabs packed full of banging house – ‘Night Voice’ guides us into a tranquil condition with haunting soundscape and melody bringing the VA to its conclusion in perfect fashion.

«Vibes Don’t Lie»
by Broosnica 

[Welofi VA, WLF060]

Essential Mates new various artists compilation (VA vol. 4) features pieces by producers with a common musical soul from all over the world. This VA takes the listener on a journey of continuous technological soundscape and changing moves through perspectives of electronic music. We bring VA volume 4 in a story of contemporary electronic expression, from the perspectives of some of its most prolific represenatatives, alongside much needed new deep grooves.

«Объятия Облаков» by
Asenssia x Broosnica
[NecroticA, 2024]

Enveloping electronics and chilling vocals that do not stand out from the music, but rather complement it, like another tool in the composer’s arsenal.

[Broosnica, 2022]

Today I celebrate my birthday and share with u mixtape with the best tracks
I wrote between 2019-2021.
About loneliness, accepting yourself and isolation
A-Sides / Always free

«Too Early To Say / Rise Again»

released January 26, 2023

Music by Broosnica
Mastered by Broosnica
Album art by lcl_stream
Text by Clevelune

«Lo​-​Fi House is Dead» EP
[Filth Inc., 2024]

Broosnica’s latest release contains some of the most interesting lofi house experiments from the past 2 years. A tribute to classic tracks from artists such as DJ Boring, DJ Seinfeld, Mall Grab and Ross from Friends, all of whom are producers who originally released lo-fi house music and have now moved away from it and release completely different music. He wanted to once again return to that original sound and say that this genre has completely changed and in a classical sense lo-fi house is dead.