Meta House: Everything You Need to Know About

Meta House: Everything You Need to Know About

The novel sub-genre every couple of years that infiltrates the musical streaming space and the clubs is a basic way of electronic music evolution. Meta House (aka power house) is a new subgenre of house music (emerged from lofi house) that blurs the lines between different electronic music genres, including techno bassline, ambient patterns, hip-hop and experimental music. It takes the fundamental elements of house music, such as the four-on-the-floor beat, and incorporates them into a more abstract and atmospheric sound spiced with rap volcals. Due to the fact that Meta House was formed under the influence of ghetto house, it is dominated by an abundance of percussion and colorfull drum patterns.

History of genre

House music has been a staple of electronic dance music since its inception in the early 1980s. Its roots can be traced back to the disco era of the 1970s, where DJs would remix and re-edit disco tracks to create extended dance versions that would keep the party going all night long. Over the years, house music has evolved and branched out into various subgenres, each with its unique sound and style.

One of the lesser-known subgenres of house music is Meta House. While it is not as popular as other subgenres like deep house, outsider house or progressive house, Meta House has been making waves in the underground dance music scene, thanks to its innovative and experimental approach to production and sound design.

So, what exactly is Meta House, and how is it different from other subgenres of house music? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Meta House?

As mentioned earlier, Meta House is a subgenre of house music that blurs the lines between ghetto house, techno, and bass music, but saturated more abstract and atmospheric sound.

The term “Meta House” or “Power House” was coined by musical theoretic Guillermo Wafula, who is also known by his web nickname Wafula, in early 2020 – period before pandemic. In an interview with Resident Advisor, Wafula explaned that Meta House performs a way of creating music that is “neither basic house nor techno nor dub nor any other genre, but somehow a compound of all these things.”

Prefix meta means “more comprehensive” or “transcending”, while house is a wellknown music genre.

What sets Meta House apart from other subgenres of house music is its emphasis on sound design and experimentation. Meta House producers use a wide range of sound sources, including sampling, found sounds, and live instruments, to create complex and layered tracks that are both hypnotic and atmospheric.

Mata house continues the tradition of lo-fi house in terms of unboring artist names, but with less cheap and more aggressive aesthetic.

Meta House is a sub-genre that has evolved from lo-fi house, retaining the irony and aesthetics of its older brother, but evolving further and becoming more adaptive within the needs of modern society. Meta House is a genre that embodies the modern rhythm of life – its values and the desire to develop.

G. Wafula


Meta House artists continue the glorious work of lofi house in terms of the unique naming of musicians and their tracks, having inherited love in unusual and memorable names. We’re talking about residents of L.I.E.S. and Lobster Theremin labels, RAIDERS and Filth Inc. recidents, Welofi and MOSOBLELECTRO recidents,, ORGAN BOYS CLUB, УРБАН, childsplay, urwaxx record labels and many others not signed artists.

This could be part of the reason why Meta House (aka Power House) was regarded as a fad when it first started out. But it’s clear that time has proven critics wrong as the quality and the gravitational appeal of the music speaks for itself.

Below are some of the main artists who are considered vital in the rise of the movement:


Partiboi69’s arrival is, in some ways, a distinct answer to much of the dance music community’s unruly appetite for faster techno, eruptive industrial, and breakneck electro. It’s also an answer to the staid, serious techno class. For many, the madness  surrounding his sets and growing popularity screams, “we’re here to rave, don’t take yourself so seriously.” It’s a statement that comes backed up by genuine artistry, ceaseless energy, and underground prowess.

Partiboi’s true power lies in his unique track selection, mixing prowess, and kickass karate moves. While original tracks such as “Magnificent,” “Booty Flow,” and the Unprotected anthem “Always Keep It 69” may not be complex production masterpieces, there is a magic to them. They pack a raw and flammable punch on the dancefloors where Partiboi69 thrives.


TAFKAMP stands for Try Acquiring Future Knowledge As Much Possible. Rotterdam beest producer TAFKAMP, the artist formally known as minister president, [insert mysterious quote’s here]. [insert quote on how you fell in love with music at young age, preferably as young as possible].
While the producer behind TAFKAMP remains in the background of the [insert synnonym for Music Business] underground, rumours say that the person behind this project is actually the person currently reading this. TAFKAMP is this generation’s wonderkid and he’s going to kill you


Galway-born producer KETTAMA (aka Evan Campbell) burst onto the house and electro scene in recent years, with the release of his 2018 EP Bucklyn Bridge, which featured the track B O D Y giving him a significant break. We get to know KETTAMA, the sensational Irish DJ and producer whose hard-hitting house is taking crowds by storm.

In the past few years, KETTAMA has won legions of fans with his up-front, party-starting, sledgehammer house music: slamming, loop-based club sounds guaranteed to kick crowds off, made with a truck load of samples in FL Studio. “All in the box, no outputs,” as he puts it, unapologetically.

“I wish I could go on and on for hours about my modular this and that, but it’s just not like that. I sit down and whatever comes out, comes out”

Evan Campbell says, describing his production process as KETTAMA (


DM 90 is a talented musician hailing from Lithuania, known for their captivating electronic music. With a passion for electronic music, he started experimenting with various sounds and instruments and soon developed a unique his own style. Tracks «DM 90 – In Uber» of «DM 90 – CLUB DRIFT» represents his skill very high!

DM 90’s music is a blend of different genres, including techno, house, and ghetto vocals, among others. His tracks are characterized by a distinctive sound, characterized by intricate rhythms, mesmerizing melodies, and ethereal textures. He use of synthesizers and other electronic instruments in production an otherworldly atmosphere that is both immersive and hypnotic.

benuebermensch aka DJ YARAK

benuebermensch (aka DJ YARAK) is Berlin based producer, electronic music artist with a diverse range of styles and influences, including techno, house and ghetto house. His tracks showcase a high level of production quality and demonstrate a skillful use of synths and sound design. As a result – juicy basses, hypnotic rhythms and raw & dirty old school cuts at its finest.

Overall, Benuebermensch’s music is engaging and well-crafted, making him a talented and promising artist in the electronic music scene.

Bad Boombox

Bad Boombox is just as much a performance artist as he is a dynamic musician. His 90s Eurodance meets Berlin techno aesthetic and hilarious dance moves were a light in the darkness of nearly two years without dance floors. Bad Boombox brilliantly harnesses the power of social media to further his agenda.

His viral videos, memes, and DJ sets garnered millions of views and billions of indirect streams. The success of his Badass Bootlegs series and original releases on Farris Wheel Recordings and Fantastic Voyage have landed in the Rekordboxes of Will Clarke, Patrick Topping, Stella Bossi, Justin Jay, Gene Farris, Born Dirty and more.


DJ SAPHIRRE is a rising star in the music industry from the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. He has been making waves in the pure power house (aka meta house) genre as well as lo-fi house and ghetto house scene with his aspeccial unique style of music that is a fusion of different genres.

DJ SAPHIRRE’s music is a blend of various genres, including techno, house, and trance. His style is characterized by driving beats, intricate melodies, and deep basslines. He has a keen sense of musical arrangement and is known for his ability to create tracks that keep the audience hooked.

VA compilation [WLF120]

Meta house by Welofi VA is a various artists compilation by record label Welofi released on April 7′ 2023 via streaming platforms and Bandcamp. This compilation brings additional attention to the Meta House sub-genre as a mental bonus to the 34 comtemporaty house tracks.

  1. Jetelmen – Deep House on The Dancefloor
  2. Shoorup4x4 – Dust
  3. wizsick – Look at Me
  4. Circle Audio – Iraw on
  5. X0-5 – Bipolar
  6. vitya kipelov – Bomb Bap House feat. nmnvndl
  7. detailseventy3 – Poppin That Shit But They Don’t Want the Smoke
  8. willi6m – Palmetto
  9. 1prfct.smpl – Touch Of God (Hallelujah)
  10. Shevin Kields – ann nya
  11. ioneweb – Light Voice
  12. Artemjka – Essential Borders
  13. npoxод закрыт – do not disturb
  14. notarealhero – AMNESIC
  15. yourlostchildhoodfriend – Usagi’s Dreams
  16. Produsserka – Carry On
  17. Full Motion Disaster x Noizy Wilson – Deadly Alliance
  18. BLICHSEIN – Forest Belt
  19. samaraxpress – Without Love [Comfortless edit]
  20. Cyberian Relic – After Midnight
  21. Loophie – Oneohtrix
  22. AL94 – Propaganda
  23. Comfortless – Bliss
  24. DJ Sickfuck – Nostalgia
  25. inownlove – Feel Lonely
  27. sardalove – Witch
  29. Nightdrive – First Knight
  30. Edghar – PISDABOL
  31. Acrone – Courage
  32. NorthSound – DEEPER THEN THAT
  33. vrdnprychk – Clinic Depression (Broosnica Remix)
  34. тула – Analog Life 4 feat Бэкстрит

Mastered by nmnvndl

detailseventy3 // weloficast 168 [Megapolis FM]

168 by detailseventy3

DIRTY GLASSEZ // weloficast 167 [Megapolis FM]