«Riverside Shade» of F.R.E.D.Y. [Miura]

released May 10, 2024 (MIU080)

Valencian based label Miura Records is once again celebrating the return of the talented F.R.E.D.Y. Who marking another milestone with his latest «Riverside Shade» EP. This remarkable collection showcases F.R.E.D.Y.’s impeccable style. And adept sound production skills, offering an eclectic mix that both challenges and delights the auditory senses.

F.R.E.D.Y.’s latest release is a skillful blend of minimalist soundscapes. Deep, groovy tech beats, making each track a unique experience. The EP starts with ambient, stripped-back tunes that gradually evolve into more dynamic, rhythmically complex pieces, reflecting a perfect balance between tranquility and energetic vibrancy. This duality not only highlights F.R.E.D.Y.’s versatility as a producer. But also mirrors the quintessential quirky and avant-garde ethos Miura Records is celebrated for.

The depth of «Riverside Shade» extends beyond its sound, with each track encapsulating a spectrum of emotions and stories that resonate on a personal level with the listener. From soothing melodies that offer a sense of calm to exhilarating beats that invigorate the soul, this EP is designed to take listeners on a diverse musical journey.

This latest release is set to captivate both longtime fans and new listeners alike. Also aadding to Miura’s already impressive and varied catalog. With his «Riverside Shade» F.R.E.D.Y. continues to push musical boundaries, proving once again why he is one of the most innovative figures in the vibrant electronic music scene.

Miura Records

Sister label of theBasement Discos focuses on deep and raw underground electronic music, catering to a discerning audience that craves the cutting edge in untagged musical experiences. This label specializes in diverse genres such as lo-fi house, deep tech, acid house, garage, and breakbeat. Expect a relentless pursuit of innovative sounds that challenge conventional boundaries and offer a fresh perspective on the electronic music landscape. Their commitment to quality and underground ethos ensures a constant stream of exciting and pioneering tracks.