Unleash the Vibes with «Not Call Me» EP by DDSS [Welofi]

Prepare to dive deep into the soul-stirring beats of the «Not Call Me» EP by DDSS, a production that resonates with raw energy and pure passion. Released under our dynamic record label Welofi, this EP is not just music – it’s a revolution! Each track embodies a unique blend of emotion and innovation, inviting the listener into a world where every note vibrates with life. Don’t just listen, feel the electrifying pulse of DDSS’s latest masterpiece. Experience the transformative power of music at its most passionate!

DDSS briefing

DDSS is this awesome musical duo that popped up straight out of Russia. It’s basically two pals who meshed their music vibes together and boom — DDSS was born. They’re all about techno. It fits their style and lets them noodle around with all sorts of sounds, which they seriously love.

They kicked things off in 2022 and didn’t take long to catch some eyes, especially from local labels that gave them a bit of a boost. They even got nods from cool artists like Belocca and Cosmic Gate. Pretty neat, huh?

And hey, DDSS isn’t just sitting back. They keep pushing the boundaries, playing with new sounds and even teaming up with local singers to spice things up. They’re making waves in their homeland and starting to snag fans globally too.

They’ve got some solid backing from labels like VSA Recordings, Soviett Rave, SOVIETT, Nothing But, Extent, BAGRUHM, LW Recordings, and welofi. So, yeah, keep your ears peeled for DDSS — these guys are on a roll!