vrdnprvchk – (pronounced as “vrednaya privychka” which means “bad habit”) is an official resident of our Welofi label (go to artist profile page).
The project of a producer from the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, the city of Kazan, who writes, releases, and produces multi-genre music. He debuted on the St. Petersburg label Welofi with the album “Bardaak,” released tapes on RAW RUSSIAN under the pseudonym KOTYA, and two albums “Forgotten Tapes” and “404” on Rhymes Music.
The mini-album “Electrostation” is dedicated to the fact of humanity mastering electricity, which is capable of reviving through a defibrillator charge.
vrdnprvchk compares this release to a resuscitation event in his musical career.

RELEASE DATE: 24.05.24

01 Digital mechanism system
02 Sport mode
03 Electrostation
04 Voltage Control
05 Radio
06 Lyba says

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