143 by Murg

Welofi podcast part 143 by Murg

Bradford, UK’s Murg, founder of Bobby Belter Records, delivers a club ready punchy mix of house and outsider electronic as a fresh part of our Welofi podcast series volume 143. It’s a atmospheric ride racing past between sensuous electronical patterns with rumbling bass music and colourful outsider house, capturing the ravey deranged energy of the club night.

Murg always marks with a wide range of mixes and releases from clipp.art and ReBoot Events till New Wave Radio and Filth Inc, who have included the artist’s releases in their rich discographies. As a result each next mixtape/release by Murg proves that he able to feel and catch that bright and memorable rave enlightenment. 

Moreover, Murg had a very productive year. The latest releases by Murg came out quite recently. He got two full-length albums “Final Symphony” EP (second one on clipp.art) and “Molly at the Rave” EP (self release) during 2021 – both of them are available on Bandcamp and other social media marketplaces. 

By the way, in present time we are preparing a new Various Artists compilation and Murg will be taking part. In addition, you can check Murg’s audio podcast Artist Hour on Project Radio and support his instagram podcast aka Murgcast – discussing with artists all things: music, life and everything in between.