'No Advice' 12" by Adam BFD

‘No Advice’ 12″ by Adam BFD

Originally from Normandy now residing in the country’s capital, French DJ and producer Adam Boufeldja (aka Adam BFD) has been making a serious name for himself, having put out a string of self-released singles and curating his own self-titled Youtube channel.

Adam’s tracks have always been vivid, detailed portraits; drawing from memories and influences from around the world, and his latest EP on Running Out Of Steam is no exception; using his eclectic tastes to produce a record truly unique, and brimming with personality.

‘I’ll be walking’ meanders through an always evolving city, creating space and sense of an otherwise chaotic and fleeting world. The track’s softly spoken synths hold the torch, while the effortless drums walk us home. ‘Call A Taxi’ follows suit, a fruitful marriage between shuffling drum patterns and hypnotic tones, while the track’s subtle low-end provides the glue; closing off an A side that feels more like a story being told than another dance-floor memento.

Title track ‘No Advice’ launches the B side on a slightly more ominous tone, in a microcosmic portrait of opposing forces; before ‘An Ode To La Condesa’ glides through like a letter from an old friend, the smell of fresh ink still prevalent on the page as we’re whisked away through the wide-tree lined avenues of La Condesa. The EP comes to a close with ‘For The Good Times’ combining nostalgic tinged leads, forward-marching drums and sprawling pads that act as a backdrop to another highly impressive EP from one of France’s best emerging artists.


releases February 18, 2022

Production & Arrangement by Adam BFD
Artwork by: Pointless Illustrations
Mastered at TenEightSeven
Pressed with love at Kuruneko

Btw, we have a rare weloficast by Adam BFD in our treasury.