About Welofi

Welofi is a music community and net label arised on soundcloud in the beginning of 2016 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

It was a period when the so-called “lo-fi house / outsider house” – a new (as some people think) sub-genre of house music became quite a popular thing. We believe at that time occurred quite a unique music culture indeed, originated from the previous tendecies. In Russia, by the way, this genre got its particular atmospheric sound which we want to share with you. Our main focus is on raw, “lo-fi”, outsider, leftfield and experimental sound but we are always open to something new, laying beyond the frames.

Btw, more info here: t.me/welofi

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Azam Maxime
Azam Maxime
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Maks Kolodistyi
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«We are open for talking about newbie musicians and artists. We want to explore the social component of sound»

Our teammates

We are here to have fun, but at the same time to show that music can be different and interesting. We keep an eye on the music and related industries to pay attention to those who are undeservedly left out. We are open to talking about newbie musicians and artists. We want to explore the social component of sounding!


Head of Weloficast series, addressing issues, A&R and PR, demo check up, covers and social media design | [email protected]


Ahulijing / Co-founder and PR

Ex head co-founder of Welofi, addressing issues, any promo events, demo check up and social media community | [email protected]

Julia Mars / ILLUSTRATOR DESIGNER [Discuscus]

Responsible for creating merch and interaction in the external environment, drawn Illustrations and event management

Nothing Works / Lazy BACKEND DEVELOPER

Head of technical issues, single-page applications development (lazy), backend architecture design

Molokolooza / A&R and scouting [FORMANTIKA]

Ex head of We Are Not Only series, telegram channel nightmare, A&R and collaborations scouting, demo check up (2021 – 2023). Only FORMANTIKA at present


ioneweb / A&R of DISCOGRAPHY series [BOOTLEG CLUB]

Head of Discography series – interviews with DJ’s and musical analysis. Events management and BOOTLEG CLUB co-founder


Akrill / Local events and PR [OMUT]

Welofi Demo Review Show – Demo analysis for conversational podcasts. Events and any promo with merch management | [email protected]

Our releases

All our audiocassette releases and compillations consist of essential music, carefully collected and recorded in the vastness of russian outskirts by people with a common musical soul.

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essential mates VA

Our friends

We are very grateful to everyone who inspires us not to stand still and develop the community – to everyone who helps us with track premieres, supports and participates in creative collaborations.

Contact us

By the way, you can get in touch with us in any case you want – suggest demo for release or give idea for collaboration. Tell us something interesting about music industry, events, discuss any news etc. But please do not send music (files) to the office – please email the address instead


Izmaylovskiy Prospekt, 22
St. Petersburg
190005, RUS