Isolation VA 2020
Isolation VA 2020 [Welofi]

Big collaboration album with well known artists and music neophytes from all over the world with the vast geography except Antarctica. Our compilation «Isolation VA 2020» consist of different electronic music from ambient to techno and ghetto house. We have the opportunity to understand our mates’s vision and to check their feeling of what is happening with the world in one of it’s crazy period.

Good news came from unexpected places. “Even in conditions of isolation, there are no boundaries,” say our St. Petersburg residents of Welofi, and on June 28 they are releasing a large release compilation of 34 artists under the name “Isolation VA 2020”.

According to the publishers themselves, the release was put together not for thematic hype, but in order to compare and record the feelings of what happened among friends of the all over the world label.

We offer you to check out the entire range of impressions in musical form – from ambient to techno and ghetto house – in two variations: a snippet mix and a video work that the guys put together especially for the release. Click on the links and leave your emotions from what you hear wherever you like.

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  1. HORSEMEN – Bluer Days
  2. Secret Artist – What I Need
  3. yung acid – Expo
  4. 3D KUN – Человек пустота
  5. Nikolay Sunak – Blow And Cry Baby
  7. Soft Blade x Niur – Echoes
  8. Sweater on Polo – Pitt Berg
  9. mramora – Waitin
  10. Ottonian – Neighborhood
  11. апсел – Melancholy
  12. miho – Rootkit
  13. Nightdrive – Stack In My House
  14. Nørus – Forgiving Myself
  15. EMIL.IO – Dance
  16. Freddie Horsby – Time Is The Most Valuable Resource
  17. Jetelmen – Malife
  18. СВИТ БОИ – Move Your Body
  19. copen – Hugo
  20. Broosnica – Please Don’t Cry
  21. Leshutler – Entering The Void
  22. Maxim Matasov – Unknown 003
  23. Skiba – Хочешь Еще
  24. Chesnokovskii – Kong Raw
  25. NRTHSTR – Danger
  26. UTRO6 – Perlmutter
  27. Path Way Pat – RAAAAAAAAAW BOOTS
  28. DM 90 – Miami Walk
  29. HESTER – Vigilance
  30. BΔESIDE – Crossing The Line
  31. SS87 edit – Zhane – Sending My Love
  32. sweetestcape – Have U Ever?
  33. Lejeune & Naldi – Representa
  34. Discotopia – Outta My Head

Curated and video by Artemjka

Design by Julia Mars

Mastering by Nikita Roteker