Explore South America with Vera Brothers

Explore South America with Vera Brothers

Earlier in February during the discussion of a new part of podcast, we have talk with Vera Brothers about music and future plans

W: Tell us about you, gyus. How did your relationships with music start? You both were interested in this process?

VB: We started to get involved into music thanks to my older sister, she had posters of bands and lots of cds… That was like 15 years ago, then we started to have this fun musical trade-off with our friends. During that time our style was more like rock, reggae, hip-hop and other stuff, we always were fans of our local bands in Paraguay.

In 2012/13 we started to go to house parties.. At that point in time we didnt have any idea of what a being a dj truly meant. F.D.M was our first experience in electronic music club and we loved it. We assisted pretty much every time we could, to dance and to listen to good music, then we went on meeting more people inside the scene, going to more parties. After a while we started being PR on some of the cycles here, and we got more interested into the vibe. At some point that we started taking music production and mixing classes, and yes we both were interested in it because we are twins and everything we do, we do together haha.

W: What about your local scene?

VB: Here we have parties, a lot of promoters, some electronic music festivals, a warm crowd, but no so big… Constantly growing and evolving every time.
If we start talking about our local scene we can not fail to mention to Sequence Club, we both feel identified with that place, it was like our home, they were the first to open the doors for us, we were residents of Sequence Garden… Personally that was the best thing that happened in town. Once we got in there, our musical taste started changing drastically. We met artists that became good friends with us and they influence a lot in what we are and what we are doing right now, helping us to improve as artists.
We think that in our scene, people need to start appreciating more the local artists… And honestly, abroad too. Also being honest, we have pretty good artists to enjoy in Paraguay and South America in general!

W: As to the music genres – you said that you start with hip-hop/beats and then found house music. Can you distinguish some genre among others?

VB: We knew hip hop basically forever… It was the first genre that we squeezed a lot. We started playing music like reggae, funk, hip hop and some house. Morover we have a good variety of music collection and we aswell love to taste different new music, like flamengo, jazz, and every thing in between. AT present we believe that the sounds that we like the most are house, techno and breaks, groovy acid basslines and powerful chords.

W: Top tracks for you now / which reflect your mood at the present moment

VB: We expose here music of different styles that we believe mark our roots.

1 Groundation – Music is The Most High.

This piece of reggaedub we play whenever we can, the instrumental is so good. And what it make you feel too…changing tempos and a big bassline. This track is an answer to the question of why we play music.

2 Los delinquentes – El aire de la calle

This is kind of a flamenco underground. This band has teach us a lot about rythm and passion, the lyrics are very good aswell.

3 LPZ – 1983

Here’s a very special house track for us, this was made by our friends of LPZ. This track is like a time machine, it make us remember the good old times…

4 Orishas – A lo cubano

And of couse we can’t forget about hip hop. This is the kind of music that we hear back in the days of school.

W: Any plans for 2019?

VB: Keep doing music, continue the things that we are doing in town right now… We have a residency in Cafe Salazar. If you guys ever come to Asuncion you have to come to this place! By the way, we would love to travel to share our music too. Do what we like to do. Meet people and create more connections abroad! We’d like to think that we have interesting things to offer.

Thank you Welofi, Keep the good work and music!

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