An episodic series of house music podcast which you can listen to. It is often available for subscription. Fresh episodes are alwayas on time at soundcloud and at iTunes. We are trying to explore and collect outsider house music in it's essence.

Old school raver Bad Boombox takes the reigns for this week’s Weloficast. Bad Boombox is a relative newcomer to the stage but a veteran of the scene. His combination of house and techno, dance and viral memes, east and west vibes, are set to make waves in the electronic scene. So, get ready to fall into an hour of strong and driving techno mix that builds into a high-octane rave atmosphere!

+interview with Bad Boombox

Get ready to have your vibrations raised with this energetic selection of adventurous electro and contemporary techno spiced with house patterns. This creamcast mix prepares us for slowly edging nearer outdoor raves and serving as inspiration for summer time.

+interview about WEIRD NIGHTS

Local producer Nightdrive continues to expand his Welodicast catelog with this fun podcast 133. This mix sounds like the best pieces of those Cafe Del Mar VA collections – is a fun deep house type dance number with outsider inclusion for summer evenings.

This podcast is regulation by we.amps, built from tracks with cool familiar drummy patterns – pure mixing of the tracks until full picture’s draped in dense, oversaturated colour in our minds.

This mixtape as a deep electronic story that needs to be told. House grooves rub shoulders with low-slung-robotronik over electronix paradise.

Moscow post rave inspired by outsider aesthetic. Like an old kindly Stackenschneider’s sounding.

This mix presents both a taste of the past and flavor of the future influenced by early years of disco renaissance.

New tasty podcast by Dasha Ignatova, Moscow electronic music producer, whos tracks were included in our VA series and were listed in HOR mixes.

Mixtape owns a wide range of styles – from soft techno drops till groovy ambient deepenings – everything that we love inside <3
By the way, Lieke had shows at Operator Radio, Red Light Radio, Marktkantine, Shelter Amsterdam, Radio Radio, Claire, Mono, Amsterdam Open Air and more.