DJ Sendnudes //PalmStructure - House music is like an epic poem

DJ Sendnudes //PalmStructure – House music is like an epic poem

The continue of our weloficast series vol.17 with DJ Sendnudes – owner of georgian label from Tbilisi – PalmStructure

We talk with him and got some answeres in text below, and fresh part of podcast included:

1) Florian Kupfer – Любовь [Private Person]
2) Map.Ache – Staten Island Aquarium [Kann Records]
3) Marcin Krupa – Orlowo [Astropical]
4) FLML – There’s Always Vanilla [The Loft Records]
5) Phonk D – Paradise Voyage [NDYD Records]
6) Four Walls – Hello Underground [Apparel Music]
7) Five Ten – Again [Neo Apparatus Records]
8) Kerinnis – Black Swan [PalmStructure Release 19.02.2018]
9) Rhythmona – Anastasie [Soon On PalmStructure]
10) Aroop Roy – Le Pasteur [Lazy Days Recordings]
11) Ian Pooley – Missing You (Pooley’s Flashback Mix)
12) Dan Shake – The Bee won [Shake002]
13) Joey Chicago – Rescue Me [La Casa Recordings]
14) Maniqin – Angry Jam [Nail Shop]
15) Jacob Korn – My Bussines [Let’s Play House]

What devices or software do you use in music production?

I use ableton 9.0, but at the moment as a producer i’ve only got beginner skills.

What kind of music or an artists influenced the formation of your musical taste? May be it was some events?

Seven years ago I first listened to Soulsearcher Feelin’ Love [club edit]. Guess it was the start point of my affection for house music.

What you think about tendencies of music development in house music? Maybe it all turns into some new genre, don’t you think so?

House music is like an epic poem, no matter by how many variations it can be absorbed, it will exist in the primary structure.

You are the owner of giorgian music label PalmStructure? Tell us something more about conception and history of it’s creation.

I’ve always had desire to share music. Since 2012 I started uploading various tracks on my youtube channel, it hadn’t any official aspect, but however that time gave me a shove to establish Palmstructure as a well-defined label,so with regards to many labels and artists, today Palmstructure is the beneficial label for Georgian musicians and not only.

Georgia is very old country with it’s specific music scene. Which aspects forms its image nowdays?

Georgian music is known for its special and distinctive sound. Club scene is developed in our capital city – Tbilisi, where all ravers or just listeners can find their place. Nowadays it’s one of the most famous scene in the world and it’s a big honor for many well-known artists to perform here. Clubs with it’s owners support many artists, including musicians with the same age as me. My wander began when i was 17 and it was kind of aid for me to be a part of it.

Okay, what is planning DJ Sendnudes in 2018?

In 2018 DJ SENDNUDES is going to advance his skills and abilities, make headway and speed up to hear his own tracks in upcoming sets.

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