System 108 with «BREAKWAVE PART 1» VA

Technological progress has created smart machines, and musicians seeking to break the strict boundaries of straightforward rhythm have harnessed them to create uncannily appealing sounds. Thus, the hardcore continuum was born. Thus, a new universe was born.
The philosophical concept of «continuum» is the most accurate word to describe what does not have a specific starting point and represents a unified whole.
Having reached superluminal speeds in its development, this music has a thousand and one names, and roughly just as many genetic mutations and branches. The breakbeat scene, in which the only unifying element is the «broken» base, has grown so much it represents a separate physical reality in the endless universe of electronic music.

Short Briefing

Great compilation of breakbeat and broken rave electronics – BREAKWAVE on the Moscow based label System 108, under the guidance of label resident, producer, broken rhythms enthusiast and just kindly person RAW TAKES.

First part includes:
Neekeetone x Oddkut – Kingdom
ParadiseGhetto – Do Not Resist
March 13 – Baby
Broosnica – Takes For Raw Takes
Uraan – Joly Woo
Street Choice – Potolok
Super JV – Someday
Reván – Dubplate Is Your Mate
Elasteek – Box Break



By the way, cover by Pech0ng

Intro for Raw Takes

Raw Takes is and artist and resident of System 108, founder of Unknown creative collective, owner of No Service label. Experienced DJ, producer and a great enthusiast of everything connected with broken rhythms and reinterpretation of old-school.
Raw Takes’ music is a mix of ghetto, electro, acid and breakbeat infused with classic old school rave vibes.
Just check the recently released track ‘Phantasy’ on System 108 and you’ll see what we’re talking about.
His stuff has seen the light via a selection of international labels, such as Sample Delivery, Mind Controlled Rectifier, Urwaxx, Axe On Wax and Zement. The highlight of this year’s Raw Takes releases is the «New Breed Of Ravers» EP on System 108. A tribute to old school house vibes and the ever fashionable UK rave revival.
In each release the artist’s reverent attitude to the heritage of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s can be traced, which is expressed in a raw sound of drum machines and in the intuitive choice of synths and samples.
The musician has currently curated a breakbeat compilation called Breakwave for System 108, consisting of 28 tracks from his colleagues and like-minded people from different parts of the world. The first part of the compilation is scheduled for release on the 1st of December.
Raw Takes sets and live shows rock it regularly at System 108 raves, RadugaDiscoClub parties, STVOL.TV video streams, Private Persons events and other happenings.

Breaking Boundaries: A Review of the Breaks Genre VA Compilation Music Release

Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, various genres continuously push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. The Breaks genre, known for its distinctive rhythm patterns and eclectic soundscapes. It takes center stage in a recent VA (Various Artists) compilation music release. This compilation serves as a testament to the genre’s resilience and ability to captivate audiences with its unique sonic palette.

Track Diversity: One of the standout features of the Breaks VA compilation is the remarkable diversity of tracks curated from a range of talented artists. Each contribution brings a fresh perspective to the genre, seamlessly blending elements of breakbeat, electro, and even hints of techno. The compilation serves as a sonic journey, exploring the vast possibilities within the Breaks genre and challenging conventional norms.

Innovative Production Techniques: The Breaks compilation introduces listeners to a sonic playground where producers showcase their mastery of innovative production techniques. From intricate drum patterns to experimental synthesizer arrangements, each track unveils a new layer of creativity. The compilation transcends the conventional limitations of the genre, incorporating elements that push the boundaries of what Breaks music can be.

Notable Collaborations: Collaborations between artists have become a hallmark of the electronic music scene, and the Breaks VA compilation is no exception. The tracks feature exciting partnerships that amplify the unique strengths of each contributor. These collaborations not only showcase the synergy between artists. But also contribute to the overall richness and complexity of the compilation.

Evocative Atmospheres: Beyond its rhythmic complexities, the Breaks VA compilation excels in creating evocative atmospheres that resonate with listeners on a profound level. Each track possesses a distinct emotional quality, whether it be the nostalgic undertones of classic breakbeat or the futuristic vibes of experimental electronica. The compilation successfully captures the essence of Breaks music, making it a compelling and immersive listening experience.

Impact on the Genre: This VA compilation has the potential to leave a lasting impact on the Breaks genre by pushing it into new realms of sonic exploration. By showcasing the genre’s versatility and inviting collaboration among artists, the compilation breathes new life into Breaks music, attracting both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the Breaks VA compilation stands as a testament to the enduring creativity within the electronic music landscape. Its diverse selection of tracks. Innovative production techniques, notable collaborations, and evocative atmospheres collectively contribute to a release that is both refreshing and forward-thinking. As the Breaks genre continues to evolve, this compilation serves as a mileston. And, illustrating the genre’s resilience and its ability to break free from conventional norms. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of Breaks music or a newcomer exploring the electronic music scene. This VA compilation is a must-listen that promises a captivating journey through the cutting edge of sound