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In the cold winter of 2024, the artist known as STOMER truly set the audio world ablaze with his fiery sounds. This season was marked by a selection of rich, groovy tunes, each showcasing STOMER’s unique ability to edit and enhance tracks that resonate deeply with his listeners. The artist predominantly shared his self-releases on SoundCloud, a platform beloved for its community-oriented features, where he received much love and appreciation from followers.

STOMER mastered the blend of ambient coldness with the warmth of eclectic soundscapes, reflecting the contrasting moods of winter. Each track released during this period seemed to dive deeper into experimental territories, yet maintaining an approachable groove that appealed to a broad audience. Fans of STOMER were treated to a continuous stream of sound creativity, setting this artist apart in a crowded music scene.

Some random tracks in your mind:


Promo & rider info

Google disk link with photos and pdf-file with technical/bio rider.

A rider is a document that a band, musician or other performer will send over to the booker relating to their requirements for performance. Most performers will have certain essential items that they need the booker to provide in order to do their job to the best possible standard. A rider states these requirements.

Stomer – Pimpin

[Locked Radio: 303 day VA, WLF170]

Since the second summer of love, acid fever has been steadily sweeping the planet. The compilation «Happy 303 Day: Acid Fever» will take you on an unforgettable journey through the waves of electronic music from its origins to the present day. The sound of the Roland TB-303 sets the tone for the compilation and is reminiscent of the time when electronic music began to climb to the top of the world charts. Each track of the compilation, like a separate chapter of a bright story, unites us with a love of electronic music.

Stomer – Cant Talk RN

[Locked Radio: 808 day VA, WLF149]

43 years long, the magical sounding of an analog drum machine have been capturing the hearts of listeners around the world, changing the usual look of music and creating new styles. TR 808 is not just a box with buttons and knobs, it is full-fledged musical instrument that has become a cult. Despite being a commercial failure since its release, it is thanks to its distinctive sound that the TR 808 continues to inspire people to this day to create new music that no one has ever heard before.
30 people from all over the world joined forces to create this magnificent compilation, thus paying tribute to this TR-808 – instrument, which gave inspiration and endless creative potential.

Stomer – Lil Boy

[Locked Radio: 909 day VA, WLF156]

This compilation is dedicated to the legendary Roland TR-909 synthesizer and represents a unique combination of classic sounds and modern trends.
We managed to collect 33 tracks that reflect the richness and diversity of the sound of this legendary instrument. We are sure that each of you will find a track here that can become his personal anthem.

Over the course of two months, a lot of work was done in collaboration with talented musicians from all over the world. Each of them made their own unique contribution to the creation of this unique compilation and, therefore, to the development of rave culture. This compilation will be a real find for all fans or those who want to immerse themselves in the world of electronic music and rave culture.
We express our deep gratitude to all participants for their creativity and to the subscribers of Locked Radio and Welofi for supporting us and our activities, it inspires and gives strength to move on. We really appreciate you.
Be sure to leave your feedback, it is very important to us. Share this music so someone else can hear it.

Stomer – Yesss
[System 108, 2023]

BREAKWAVE is an ambitious special project on System 108 curated by our resident and breaks specialist, Anton aka Raw Takes. As we have learned from Part 1, the breaks-universe is a continuum with no end, and after a 30-year cycle, the dance floor is again energized by the sounds of break-beat, just as in the pioneering 90’s era. Anton has done a very fine research here, picking 28 tracks that represent the wide spectrum of the genre, and beyond it. BREAKWAVE is a documentation, an evidence, of a non-stopping breaks sound brotherhood. Highlight tracks come from Raw Takes himself, THE DAWLESS and HYDROSPHERA. Dig it!

STOMER – Piano Samurai
[Soviett Rave, 2024]

Fire sound by STOMER during cold winter of 2024.