French raw house vibrancy with AL94

French raw house vibrancy with AL94

How much time do you spend on music?

I’m listening to music daily, could be at home or in public transports. Can’t do a day without. About production, I only do when I feel like it, explains the irregular rhythm of my releases. Sometimes I can do nothing for 2 weeks. For me it’s not really a question of time, if I have to find some for music, I find it. But the most important thing is to have an idea of ​​what I want to achieve.

In your interview for MY MUSIC MOMENTS, you mentioned a wide musical horizon. Can you tell us something about how your musical taste evolution?

I had periods with different musical horizons. I was able to discover many artists in many musical genres.
I still like nowaday to listen to old death metal bands like I used to as a teenager. I moved from metal to indie, old school drum and bass, hip hop, classical, ambient, house, techno, dub techno… I had 2 others projects (trap and ambient/experimental) that I left before starting AL94

What do you think about the French music scene in general and about its perspectives?

I think French music scene offers a HUGE range of variety and awesome creative artists but still not each one get the audience it deserves. But this is not a problem that only affects France, although countries like England are more likely to bring out interesting artists. It’s tiring to have to constantly undergo preformatted tracks that we broadcast on television on the radio etc … and often enough that they involuntarily get into your head. It is fast food music and a large part of the population is happy with it.
On a rather positive note, there is no reason to worry about the French scene!

And how do you get inspiration? Tell us something about your music making process

The main important ingredient in my view is to create a whole atmosphere around a track. I get my inspiration from all the stuff I can listen to currently. I like to pay tribute to some things that may be important to me or even make me laugh.
Technically, I choose to select one or more samples and then I draw my drums patterns that will fit to the mood. I take a lot of time choosing wich kick is going to follow this hat, snare… I re-arrange manually numbers values of different knobs on all my track.
Same for the bassline. Then after when the whole track is “drawn”, I set FX, filters, and audio equalizing where I want it to be and if I feel it requiered or not. As easy as it sounds like!

Top 5 tracks for you now
  • Harrison BDP – Contact Light (Who am I to introduce you to Harrisson BDP?)
  • Giriu Dvasios – Tureja Liepa (Thoses beautiful nordics chants fits well this dubby edit)
  • Eduardo De La Calle – Format Times (Big fan of his music, sounds like poems, I’ve been discovering some of his “old” tracks lately)
  • Sascha Funke Vs. Nina Kraviz – Moses (Stimming Remix) (Awesome vibe, love the touch Stimming is adding to his tracks with his sound design)
  • Bibi Flash – Histoire D’1 Soir (Bye Bye Les Galères) (Just waiting for summer time…)
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Podcast from weloficast series vol. 22 by AL94


Adryiano – Feel Like
Chris Stussy & Vaux – Diep (Original Mix)
Das Carma – Lovin’ U (22 Weeks Remix)
Dj Steaw – Recipe 3
Interplanetary Criminal – Softly
Leigh D Oliver – (Sic)
Luvless – Slightly Different
Manuel Darquart – Circa
Tell – Fully Pumped
Tamer Malki – Alright, Let’s Go
Janeret – Bright

raw house


raw house