Swedish underground with DJ Different

Interview for welofi by DJ DIFFERENT

- Where did this passion for smooth music come from?

Hm... Tough question but I guess since I was a child I was always fascinated by the art of sound in all it's forms. My first two cd's I bought was 666's "Paradoxx" and Michael Jackson's "Past present and future" album.
So you can see the difference.

- What equipment or software do you use for production?

Literally just my Mac with Logic Pro. I experimented with a lot of hardware but it hindered my fast production style ALOT. It's still fun to do live-acts tho.

- Where do you find inspiration?

I think for me it comes from sad and happy feelings, my mood is very fluctuating and so are my tracks. They can be both sad and very happy and it all depends on what i'm feeling in that exact moment because I make tracks in roughly 2-3h in general.

- What projects preceded the emergence of DJ Different in all its diversity?

My first Alias was "MODA" and Moda focuses mainly on lofi/oldschool house. I kind of felt cornered with Moda and wanted to be more free in my production style and not care so much about genre but of what made me feel good. Hence came DJ Different.

- In your opinion, did the raw music has become quite a popular thing now?

I guess so, I've been around the scene in a couple of years now and it has definitely grown a lot. I think people also like the aesthetics of raw house and where it comes from. What drew me to this type of electronic music was it's sincerity to emotions and vibe.

- Swedish underground, what is the most conspicuous place for visiting in Sweden?

I would def say Malmö and Stockholm for the summers. Especially "Trädgården" in Stockholm and the Underground Scene in Malmö. Some wikkid talent and sweaty dance floor evenings.

- What are your plans for 2018?

I've got some exciting new releases coming on my favourite labels (5 if all goes as planned) and i'm also in the plans of creating my own label but we will see! Some other news coming up real soon as well but I cannot say yet 🙂

- Top 5 tracks for you now

1. Route 8 - The sunrise in her eyes (Always nr1)(Lobster Theremin)

2. TLIM SHUG - U+99FD (Sushi Mask)

3. TV.OUT - Untitled (Parallax Records)

4. Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code – Pipe (Private Persons)

5. Lyubocha - Nevanist (Black Opal)


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