Catching inspiration with Adam BFD //Weloficast vol.23

Catching inspiration with Adam BFD //Weloficast vol.23

Short interview with Adam BFD and his podcast for weloficast series vol.23 lo-fi house

When did music become a great part of your life? Has it started with a music digging, producing or maybe with your YouTube channel?

Well, music has always been a huge part of my life. I started playing drums during 4 years at like 10 years old or something. I remember my biggest “crush” on music, it was in 2007 I think, I was watching MTV and then Kanye West was doing a live performance for some awards show. He performed “Good Life” with T-Pain in Las Vegas and that was insane to me. Since this day Kanye became my favorite artist of all time.
Plus, I’ve always been a music digger, I’ve spent so much time looking for tracks. My friends were always coming to me to know what I was listening to… And with my YouTube Channel “Adam”, I wanted to share kind of unknown producers at first because I know there’s so many producers with great talent but still underrated.

Your music is saturated with an inspiration theme. What does it mean to you and where do you find it?

I’ve been through a period, and I still am, where I’m looking for inspiration, motivation. I wanted the “inspiration” thing to be reflected into my music. So with my first track “Inspirational“, I sampled a Kanye West’s speech that I really like and that’s it. Same thing about my second track with a Steve Jobs speech.

Any thoughts about the so-called «lo-fi» scene/music which became quite a popular thing now?

I’m really enjoying the lo-fi scene, I know that it’s getting more and more popular but I think this is not a bad thing. We can see now multiple producers being booked on the biggest festivals such as Ross From Friends, DJ Seinfeld. There’s also this group on facebook called “Strictly Lo-Fi“, it’s like a community of great people/producers/promoters sharing tracks. But what is good with this group except the good energy of everyone, now that there’s many members, it’s that the group has the power to make known some “underrated” producers. Much love to SLF.

For you personally music is a main occupation or just a lovely hobby?

For me music is just a hobby, other than playing or producing tracks I’m still a university student !

Any musical plans for 2018 or its a spontaneous thing?

It is a spontaneous thing, I’m only producing whenever I feel inspirated but my plans are to release the more tracks I can in 2018. We will see…

Top 5 tracks for you now

I’d say:

  1. Ross From Friends – There’s a hole in my heart
  2. Loure – Mutual Motion
  3. PC – Slow Motion
  4. LK – Light Drama
  5. Bodhi – Satisfaction


White Visitation – Hossoslossohoss
Lee Wolf – Good
B.Vibes Loure – Mutual Motions
Loure – Keep It Real
Mall Grab – Caught Slippin
Adam – You Gotta
AL94 – Abyss
CoastDream – Soft Moon
Paul Rudder – That Piano
Hush Hush – Crush On U
Cristo – Gonna Get Some Woki
DJ Boring – John Waters
Hush Hush – Thinkin Bout You
Testpress – sadboys 2002
Quasar – Like A Yellow Frisbee In A Grey Crowd

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