МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО: electronic paradise

МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО: electronic paradise

МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО – an electronic music label from Moscow.

If you’re a fan of electronic music, then you might have heard about МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО, a music label from Moscow that has been making waves in the industry. This record label is known for its diverse roster of artists and unique sound that blends various sub-genres of electronic music.

Founded in 2014, МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО has quickly become one of the most prominent music labels in Russia. Their mission is to discover and promote new and innovative electronic music artists, both in Russia and around the world. They are also dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the electronic music scene in Russia by organizing events and concerts.

One of the unique things about МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО is the wide range of electronic music styles that they produce and promote. From deep house to techno and experimental electronica, their diverse range of artists and music styles cater to a broad audience of electronic music fans.

Their SoundCloud page, which features some of their most popular tracks, showcases the label’s eclectic style. One track might be a deep and melodic house tune while the next could be a dark and industrial techno banger. This variety of sounds is what sets МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО apart from other record labels, and it’s what keeps fans coming back for more.


Another thing that makes Moscow based label МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО unique is their dedication to supporting up-and-coming artists. They offer a platform for new talent to showcase their music and connect with other electronic music professionals. They also provide opportunities for these artists to perform live at events and festivals.

But МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО isn’t just about promoting new talent. They also work with established artists, including well-known DJs and producers. This mix of established and emerging artists is what gives the label its unique sound and energy.

In addition to producing and promoting music, МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО is also involved in event organization. They regularly host events and concerts throughout Moscow, featuring both local and international artists. These events provide a platform for electronic music fans to come together and enjoy the best in electronic music.

In conclusion, МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО is a record label that is dedicated to promoting and producing unique and innovative electronic music. Their diverse range of artists and styles, coupled with their commitment to supporting new talent, makes them a driving force in the electronic music scene in Russia and beyond. If you’re a fan of electronic music, then be sure to check out Moscow based label МОСОБЛЭЛЕКТРО and experience their electrifying sound for yourself.

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