EELF – a channel for fresh house music, hazy pads, punchy drums, crisp hi-hats and that sort of thing

EELF (aka Andrius from Lithuania) is a talented music producer and content creator who has established a groovy YouTube channel featuring track premieres for various electronic music genres. By the way one of the first track premieres on EELS’s channel produced by Harrison BDP, 1-800 Girls, DOS, jamesjamesjames, Tom Jarmey, Ray Kandinski, Demuja, DJ ÆDIDIAS, Mall Grab, Baltra, Asquith, DJ Psychiatre, Computer Data, Kronol, Cassettes For Kids, Subjoi, Nikolay Sunak, Fabio Monesi, Nørus, LUZ1E and many others – you can ask each of them and they confurm.

First EELF’s channel was online since 2017, EELF has been combining hand-shot video material from the 1990-2000s that he finds on YouTube with new electronic music found on platforms such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud. The combinations are exciting and unusually beautiful. The first EELF’s channel was already close to 22 million views, but got a authorship strike on YouTube and was blocked. Despite the old visual material, the conjunction with new music (which often sounds retro) does not feel nostalgic.


One of the notable features of EELF’s channel is the diversity of music genres that he showcases. From lo-fi house to future bass, EELF covers a wide range of electronic music styles, catering to the tastes of different underground audiences. Additionally, his channel has a clean and minimalist VHS aesthetic, which is visually pleasing and easy to navigate.

EELF’s track premieres are always of high quality, and his SoundCloud profile is a testament to his production skills. His tracks are well-produced, with clear and crisp sound quality, showcasing his music tastes. EELF’s premieres often feature unique melodies, interesting chord progressions, and engaging rhythms, which make for an immersive listening experience.


Furthermore, EELF is active in the comments section, engaging with his viewers. And fostering a sense of community around his channel. He responds to questions, offers insight into his creative process, and even takes requests for future track premieres.

In conclusion, EELF’s YouTube channel is a must-watch for anyone who loves originally lo-fi house electronic music. His track premieres are always on point, and his SoundCloud profile is a testament to his production video skills. Additionally, EELS’s engagement with his audience shows that he truly cares about his viewers. Morover EELF is dedicated to producing high-quality content.

EELF usually premieres tracks in the electronic music genre, covering a wide range of electronic underground sub-genres. Overall, his channel is a great resource for fans of electronic music who are looking for new and exciting tracks to add to their playlists <3