Truth interview for WELOFI

Truth interview for WELOFI

So what is this Truth thing all about and who’s behind?

Truth Radio is a podcast channel presenting raw and dusty lofi house. Truth Radio is also releasing free EPs from upcoming talents. We also run Truth Moments, which is a vinyl only label out of Truth Radio. Truth Radio and Truth Moments are working under the umbrella “Truth”.

Truth is founded by DJ JAN SPORT & Dill Collins in 2016. DJ JAN SPORT loves to explore the world with the truth and put music into his bag. Dill Collins just recently changed his name from Phil to Dill; however, still loves his drums.

How and why did you start your Truth projects?

We met around 2009 during our studies at “the school of truth” and quickly found a common interest in parties and especially electronic music. In the beginning, we usually met a few times a week in a little studio to hear very loud music and get fried together. After that we went out to hear even more music. Well, we probably spent about 5 years going to parties and listening to and collecting music together before the “Truth” suddenly turned out. So a close friendship and many fun nights with music gave birth to “Truth”.

When Truth Radio developed into being both a podcast channel and digital label, the natural next step was starting a vinyl label. A dream we have had for many years and now we felt the time was right. We reached out to Slim Hustla and Interplanetary Criminal to hear if they were up for doing a vinyl. A few months later we had the tracks and since then we have collaborated with Lobster to get the presses and distribution done. And now the 300 copies are finally in sale!

So even though we are just the two of us behind the label, we need to dedicate the truth to the entire community, which is a big part of it. There are so many kind and skilled upcoming producers and DJs who continuously guide our way. Also the different graphic designers, whom we have cooperated with have had a big role <3

What is the purpose of your projects and labels?

Our mission is to present talents who will make us dance in the dark 🙂

We started Truth Radio because there is so much dope music within this specific community; however, we felt that we had to give something back – something truth. None of us are particularly good at producing; however, our love for the vibes is so true that we simply had to do something more than just listening and doing mixtapes. So it felt very true in our hearts and souls to make a platform where we can present the music, which we really love.

Also, we have always had a passion for vinyls and we love playing and collecting ourselves. The mission with the music is pretty simple for us. With everything we release we aim to be 120 % true to our heart. The important thing for us is to release and share music that we ourselves find so awesome that others might love it too. That is basically what keeps us going; sharing our passion and love for lofi house with other like minded people around the world.

You recently released your first vinyl. Can you tell a little bit about it?

TM001 is a 4 tracker vinyl only release in 300 copies.

The A side features Interplanetary Criminal, who was actually the very first artist we welcomed on Truth Radio with a mixtape back in 2016.

You can perhaps say that he started our journey and love for lofi house and basically put the direction for where we are today. We have loved everything he has produced, whether it is mixes or tracks. His music is very unique with a combination of catchy vocal samples and raw lofi house beats. It goes directly into our truth hearts <3

The B side features Slim Hustla with one of the tracks in collaboration with DJ ÆDDIAS.  We still remembers when we discovered Slim Hustla’s Soundcloud page. We immediately called each other said “Hey!! Have you seen this new Slim Hustla page?! Have you heard TRAPPED IN DA SPEED FORCE!? It’s so fire!

We really liked that they were hidden and secret and no one knew who they really were. It was just after a few months writing back and forth in english when they finally said “Okay we can’t keep it as a secret for you anymore, let’s write in Danish instead haha”.

In our opinion they totally came with their own style and perception of lofi house. We have been in love with their sound ever since and it was pretty clear that we wanted Slim Hustla on TM001.

With the B2 track Slim Hustla partnered up with DJ ÆDIDIAS and out came the track “Touch”, which is just everything we love about lofi and house put together in a symphony of pure raw love. DJ ÆDIDIAS definitely knows the truth! Last summer we had the pleasure of premiering one of their tracks made in collaboration.

It seemed like the community loved this one and therefore we are very pleased to welcome back their work on TM001 <3

What’s the plans for the label? Are you looking for more artists to be featured In the future?

We are currently planning TM002 and TM003. Unfortunately we cannot share anything yet; however, in general, keep an eye of the artists we release mixes and EP’s with on Truth Radio. These are most likely the ones we will go after with Truth Moments also. Also we release a digital EP almost every month on Truth Radio and next up is some really dope shit from Lee WolfBuddy Lembeck and more awesome talents.

Are you currently looking for tracks? If yes, what are you looking for in a track or artist? What kind of vibe?

We are always looking for new tracks and we love receiving demos that we can perhaps use in our mixtapes. Even though we put a lot of time in finding new music and new artists ourselves, we sometimes get blown away from an unknown artist sharing his or her tracks. A few of the EP’s on Truth Radio actually came this way. We really do appreciate people taking time to share their music with us and we always do our best to listen and reply everyone. Music wise, we enjoy it rather raw, dusty and dark, but at the same time groovy. Lately we have been very impressed by the sounds coming from Ukraine and Russia. These vibes are super raw but at the same time emotional and dreamy.


Where can people buy music releases by Truth Radio?

TM001 is still available in a few online stores:

All our digital releases through Truth Radio are available for free on our Bandcamp page

Anything else you want to add?

As we said earlier, all our love goes out to the entire community that is spreading so much good vibe around the world. We send our love to the truth listeners, producers and similar-minded labels and channels like MoskalusHouseumFour HeadsPalmStructureToo Rough 4 RadioRawcastMaking Waves UndergroundHaus of AltrThese Things Take Time, 40 Nights, Dansu DiscsWho’s SusanRodeoEminentHelmstedtundergroundCharmin RecordsWe Play WaxSound TransitionsLR4991Project IndigoSHDCriminal PracticePIFF Records and Berlin House Music.