Uruguayan house with Paniik

Uruguayan house with Paniik

Tell us something more about you in general

My name is Thiago Ostoic, im from Uruguay. I have been working under the alias of Paniik for 2 years, when I started to get interested in the deep house sound, but then I was strongly attracted by dub sounds, minimal and sampled material, now my tracks have ambients where I want to take the listener to certain situation or some feeling.

When did music become a great part of your life?

It's hard to answer, music was always an important part of my life; but when I was around 15 years old I started to feel interested in creating my own sounds and trying to do what I wanted to hear.
At first they were boombap beats with jazz and funk samples but I wanted to go a little further and start creating my compositions on house rhythms and breaks.

What equipment or software do you use for production?

Most of my tracks have organic samples which I record with a portable recorder, in software I work with Reason and I use a small pad. The sounds are designed in the vcv rack, a great open source tool.
Sometimes take samples of funk, disco and bossanova vinyls that i listen in a old vinyl player i have.

What about your latest track Ur Love Is?

It performs the result of finding a raw sound and trying to return a few years ago. The track itself speaks of "your love" for a person, this can be interpreted in many ways, since the melody is becoming something nostalgic or melancholic. This causes the listener to have several ways of interpreting and feeling it.

What you can say about the Uruguayan music scene in general? It's very interesting get to know about it

In Uruguay the local scene is very varied and its growth has been constant since 2000.
Currently it is a solid culture full of interesting material, recently began to introduce the lofi in events and productions but mainly listen to house and techno.
Some years ago it also expanded outside the capital, having parties and raves in different parts of the country.
Some of the most outstanding and quality producers are the recent Error 909, Pulse who had Baltra playing on a local radio, Raveros known for having organized some of the most popular raves, Phonotheque with shows of international artists and Orbitar a local project focused on livesets.

What about your latest release on RawCraft Music?

Rawkuts is an ep in which I try something different, this conformed by 2 tracks with a lofi sound loaded with minimalist and deep influences. Both of break rhythms with samples of Roland 808 and raw and crunchy bass, the pads are vinyl sampled.
The promo can be hear on TraxSource

What are your plans for 2018?

Before the end of this year I want to get some collaborations, finish a lofi project that I have and start uploading collections of various artists to my latest label project Made In Saturn


Top 5 tracks for you now

Baltra - Never let go of Me
Laurence Guy - Wichita Falls
Midland - Drumtrak
Sweely - Dancing with U
Mathew Jhonson - Marionette