69 by No_4mat

Welofi podcast by No_4mat  (episode #69)

No_4mat (aka Mikhael) from New-York city – his acclaimed self-released single ‘1992’ got millions of streams through the net (spotify, soundcloud etc). He mades his new artist performance at New York with the single 1992 with his videoclip around clips from events in 1992. Known for his melodic productions with an emotional touch, No_4mat draws inspiration from trance, techno, video game scores and random spurts of distant memories.

In 2019 at his live debut Los Angeles he debuting his File album 2016 With getting his first videoclips around it with newer themes. In Corona period 2020 2021 he is no longer active during his not emotional feelings in music. At 2022 where the measurements in USA is over he debuting his live performance with the album 2017. The album was previously maded in end 2019 early 2020. But since the Pandemic it is scheduled at 2022.

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