DJ Windows 7 interview.log

DJ Windows 7 interview.log

Interview with DJ WIndows 7 


The all behind the music:

Until it does some time thought that by nature the musical art had to generate in the misfortune and in the poverty for emancipar the cruelty, attained to affirm my premise with the experience; but I darse of something: the music is an abstract construction of our reality, and with this want to say that a construction has to do with good foundations to prevail by always, and do not say it by security, but along all this cimentación have found me with far friends (the others for the psychology), that lost in the agony and despair look for to give him a solution to his situation partner-economic with the music, bad time for them because the art does not go of this hand.
The musical art is not a ballast, represents the union of entes ranged inside a same be, likewise if it lacks sustantividad will lose the essence of the truth to deceive to others, memory very well that Manuel Valls Gorina in his book Introduction to the music admired to the music like a spiritual creation of the human activity, therefore all music had a sense and an end, that is to say “has to serve for something”, until this point seems me interesting rescue the main chimaera in function of what competes us today: the dance.
What is the dance? Some time ask it? Why we do it? It is a reaction that produces dopamine in our body?
It seemed that we do not darse, only we do it, and by cultural construction move the foot when listening a kick very high, if we could think it our brain does not prepare the back conviction, that is to say, do not know when this kick will appear, but when it goes out out of nowhere have a hormigueo in the stomach that us bank to explode in frenzy, now very can have substance in the music of dance?, clear that have it and will follow it having, but this depends on the first construction holística spoken in the main paragraphs: the artist.
In spite of being despised by many and loved by more next, the music of dance can arrive until where deserve and propose, with this would like me join the two previous variables; the spiritual power of the artworks and his impact in those who appreciate danzar and breathe an intrinsic connection with the artistic creator, therefore the intersubjetividad is present and can not despise it by the fact of not being able to palparla, in given cases, if it is not that in the majority, in this life can become better feel that possess, no only applies to the musical field; we have based our modern life to the properties and the wish, and to his step forget the most important of the human construction: the art and what the same lodges in our experiences.
The impact of the music of dance has gone further of our borders, and has been with us by almost but of a century, to part to do us vibrate and burst in paroxysm represents a culture of social power and the explosion of the communities in inconformidad; we notice it in Chicago, live it in Detroit and follows us surprising in Tbilisi.
The generate culture of dance represents the purest of the human being, because it does not arrive to limit by the laziness or the penalty, manages the leaves of the simplicity and encourages to the collective explosion, already think it: if there is something bad behind the life, have to dance.


01 Stripess – Check Me Out
02 jarradcleofé – impressionist
03 jamesjamesjames – Bladee
04 CBŚ – Szmynthaus
05 Solotape – H_R
06 Nahamasy & DJ Poolboi – Let Go
07 Slim Hustla – Outer Streets Inner Peace
08 Axel Romero, Shidoshi – 2 Static
09 Le’ Groove – Something (Axel Romero remix)
10 Sisqo – Thong Song (Simon Kidzoo remix)
11 ZOI – Elsyum
12 Higher Self feat. Lauren Mason – Ghosts (DJ Q Remix)
13 Natural Born Grooves – Candy On The Dancefloor (Garreth Maher & Tommy Mc Remix)