Music Istanbul with Sevil

Sevil started to Djing in Aegean coast heaven Izmir where is the hometown of her since 2012.

Success of her decks selection brought her to Istanbul and she kept growing up in her career with playing most reputed clubs. Also at festivals & radios such as Red Light Radio , Griessmuehle , Rosa Bonheur, Tipografia  in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and other places.

Also, she is a part of Istanbul & Barcelona based imprint called Petra Recordings which the label has releases with some massive names such as John Tejada, Swayzak, Joeski etc.

And recently Sevil’s joined a Berlin based collective called Art Bei Ton.
Sevil goes with the various waves of her sounds from Chicago- Detroit house to acid electro breakbeats. Then indie dance till their subgenres.

Sevil is preparing and almost to be released her very first grooves soon for the melting pot of the floors!