145 by Ragovskaya

Welofi podcast part 145 by Ragovskaya

In this difficult period, we try not to stop our activity and try to continue produce podcasts. Next guest in our podcast series is Saint Petersburg based dj Ragovskaya.

Please, tell us about your music root – what did you listen to in 2015? – I mean genres or artists etc.

In general, I grew up with classical music. I studied at a music school as a child. My mother instilled an aesthetic taste from an early age. At school, I started listening to hip-hop and heavy metal music. Almost every weekend, we went to the local club “Heel” for metal concerts, hardcore, punk, crust punk, emo and everything in that spirit. In parallel, evenings with my mother and brothers, we went to the philharmonic chapel and Peter and Paul Cathedral (Petrikirche) for classical music concerts.

My musical preferences change depending on the season. In spring and summer, I usually listen to indie, dream-pop, hip-hop, funk, and dance. Closer to the autumn-winter period, I love emo, screamo and everything related to heavy.

In general, I am inspired by abstractionism in any kind of art, be it painting, clothing, poetry.

Can you tell us about your events activities? What local places you may mark as “need to visit” among your favourites?
My DJ experience started in 2019. I fit in at any parties and became a frequent guest of Noir Bazar from Oberwave.

I have experience in co-organizing parties. Recently, I organized my party, and of course, I plan to develop this skill. Due to recent events, I decided to postpone my party until better times as there is no desire or mood to have parties at all.

As for the establishments themselves, there are very few good places and parties in St. Petersburg, due to the events of the past two years. But I would like to mention the venues that hold to their ideals and value openness. Mishka, Izich and the Kruzhok will be the first and last on this list.

By the way, how do you form your tracklists?
For me, making a playlist and searching for music are separate stories. First of all, an attitude is needed, and if it is not there, I know that nothing fruitful will come of it. I usually sit down at my laptop and open all the music search portals. Then I search, not by tags, but by countries. I enjoy listening to local music and finding distinctive features therein. I also enjoy listening to the rhythm and highlighting musical instruments. I’ve been hooked on Spanish emo music lately. The Spanish band Viva Belgrado was supposed to come to St. Petersburg, however, their concert was cancelled because of the current political nightmare. I generally love Spain, but not their pop music at all, and I decided to find something that would appeal to me, so I did. I can sit and search for music from the morning until late at night. I find not only what I need for a mix, but also something new for myself and something that expands my musical horizons.

What are the best legal sources of getting new feelings or inspiration for you?

Nature, travel, music, love, delicious food and drinks are the best sources of inspiration.

What do you think about the perspective of the Russian electronic music stage for 2022?
Honestly, it’s difficult to predict something right now. In each of my mixes, there is music by Ukrainians, and before all else, I worry about them. At this stage, we have the opportunity to create. But, because of everything happening now, our musicians have lost the opportunities to earn a living. I hope that we will reach a new level, survive everything and continue to create great music.


What are your top 5 artists whom you can mark in 2022?
It has always been difficult for me to name my favourite artist, band, or musician because I listen to many types of music and many sink strongly into my soul. I won’t single out the top 5, but I can share the wonderful Spanish emo compilation that I found on Bandcamp.

Here is podcast, enjoy!

This tasty mix leads us along the way from unobtrusive electronics with house spices patterns straight away to the plexus combination of ghetto house and breakbeat.
The podcast turned out to combine such performers as ukranian producer from Kyiv Kiddmisha and secret russian ‘zhamevu’ – producer and travel blogger. We really hope you will like such combination of harmonic sounding.
Also you can find tracks by Sartana from his latest release ‘SPAGHETTI JUNCTION” on famous spanish record label Planetaria Sound System

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