16bit Lover Boy – Wonder Beagle [Bella Ursa]

Here is a premire of 16bit Lover Boy – Wonder Beagle [Bella Ursa] from Nebula Scarabea #01 VA by Bella Ursa on Welofi.

As the mothership celebrates its second year of cruising through the boundless stars towards the Unknown, it is once again time to bring on board a new batch of like-minded souls. Collectively, we probe the myriad of cosmic layers that form the Ursa Nebulas.

After delving into the darkest depths of the Aranea Nebula, the captain woke up one day feeling an irresistible attraction towards a gentler, lighter glow. Far-off. Unusual in its presence and echoing rather exotic pulsations.

Chasing the chants of these galactic sirens, we set course to new and uncharted territories that dramatically expand the Ursa universe. This is a realm where ethereal atmospherics and eerie vocals casually meet trancey shoegaze, acid blends in with chic breakbeats, and alien rockstars appear to perform video game music. But still… be wary of the occasional grasp of elegant creepiness and cinematic constructs, palpable remnants of our previous journey.

Out of this astral maelstrom of sonic oddities, a new series has emerged that we’re proud to present to you today: Nebula Scarabea.

Its first opus will be released digitally on all platforms, but also on an alluring laser-etched C-90 cassette tape spruced up with an uncanny analog collage from one of the crew’s most-valued members: Bill Noir.

What do we know about Bella Ursa Recordings?

Like a living cosmic anomaly, always on the lookout for the unexpected, the Bella Ursa mothership yearns for the Beyond. Bringing aboard like-minded individuals at each step of the way, it’s constantly moving closer to its destination.
Having started out as a passion project by jack-of-all-sonic-trades Letherique in early 2020, right around the time the world fell apart, Bella Ursa hopes to escape Earth’s velocity in pursuit of new, uncharted horizons. Ever ready to embrace new things, it soon started to offer unusual and carefully-crafted collector items with a strong penchant for DIY in order to host an enthusiastically curated selection of electronic oddities.

A few artists they’ve been working with so far are: Drvg Cvltvre, Sonic Area, 2methyl, Arabian Panther, Itako, Clarence Rise, Lady Maru, Asymmetrical, Lloyd Stellar, Frust aka Blind Delon, Jan Loup, Alpha Sect, Accadien aka TeTTSUO & C.Ysme, Geotropism aka Cyclic Backwash, Distant., Cellarkalt aka Snuffo, Balaban, Klusa Daba, VFO89, Nocto, Daidal, Ppaulus, Crying Skies, SARSA, etc…

Mastered by 4bstr4ck3r
Analog Collage by Bill Noir

Full release:

A1 – SE30 – The Grain Of Our Innermost Tendencies
A2 – Rambal Cochet – Easy Living
A3 – Shonagon – Ombelles
A4 – FAUNA53 – JAM #4
A5 – Kolago Kult – Children Of The New Dawn
A6 – Lethako – Super Speedway
A7 – Jack Carel – Rivive The Legend
A8 – Rambal Cochet – Lunar Jungle
B1 – 16bit Lover Boy – Wonder Beagle
B2 – Surmland Sound Science – Kif
B3 – 4bstr4ck3r – 1010
B4 – Kersid – EggІ
B5 – IXVLF – Inflated
B6 – Distant as Ataraxia – She Was An Old Dream
B7 – Alice Cheval – Florйal 229
B8 – Motel_Odessa – Curved Mirror
B9 – Epic Schmetterling – Gabrielius Lovers

By the way, you can listen to the clips on their soundcloud and support release on Bandcamp.


16bit Lover Boy


Bella Ursa

Release date


Cover by

Bill Noir

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