PREMIERE: Monokle – Cascade [Fuselab]

PREMIERE: Monokle – Cascade [Fuselab]

St.Petersburg-born artist Monokle developed his own, distinctive style across a range of releases on Ki Records, Constellation Tatsu, Error Broadcast, and other labels that might align him with any particular flavor of bass, ambient, electronic, or dance music.

A welcome return to his home label Fuselab, showcases Monokle’s expert mastery of deep cinematic joyride through shimmering bass lines and ambient pads to euphoric and evocative elegies.

Each track on ‘Tricks’ does sound like a world unto itself, shaping the linear narrative from a myriad of living organisms, with complex patterns forming at every scale. ‘Tricks’ is undoubtedly Monokles’s most balanced work to date, bringing together intimate sound environments that carry an uneasy tension between unstoppable grooves and melancholic positivity with perfectly equalise light and dark.

FUSE038 Monokle – Tricks | 12.04.2024

PREMIERE: Monokle – Cascade