PREMIERE: Subliminal - тёмный ангел [YUTAKA DIGITAL]

PREMIERE: Subliminal – тёмный ангел [YUTAKA DIGITAL]

Premiere of the track “dark angel” from Subliminal taken from the album “Underwater love”, which will be released on April 12 on YUTAKA DIGITAL.

Subliminal is an electronic duo of twins Arina and Denis, inspired by the decadent pop culture of the early 2000s and the non-commercial jungle from the depths of the Internet. “For several years we were looking for ourselves in music separately from each other, playing under the pseudonyms meta.sister and DC15, but fate had other plans for us. We came up with our first song and recorded it in 20 minutes, instantly feeling each other’s energy and rhythm (perhaps it’s because we were born on the same day), and after that the need to create and perform together became obvious to us.”

Underwater love is a seven-track release that takes the listener into the inner world of a person experiencing a range of emotions so strong that the understanding of good and evil is erased behind them. Like a kaleidoscope of feelings, the album moves from pulsating techno beats to confused lo-fi breaks surrounded by chilly and atmospheric vocal hooks.

Underwater love takes the listener on a journey through the most remote and forbidden corners of consciousness, where the body turns emotion into dance and adrenaline reaches its peak.


Additional information about artist

«I am a DJ meta sister, popularly simply Arisha, born in the city of pasta – Shebekino. My passion for music began from an early age, when I asked my grandmother to sing “Kalinka Malinka” and danced to it, running around the entire hall. As a teenager, listening to punk rock, I had a desire to play the guitar, which is what I learned. Over time, my musical taste has changed, flowing from guitar to electronic music. After school, I moved to Voronezh, where a new free life began, where I found DJ friends and entered the electric party of moving musical waves. It all started with an introduction to house music, which originated in the 80s in Chicago and New York. I binge-watched videos about this time, found all the new (old) tracks, and the desire to be in this musical flow and continue it grew in me. And then a month later my new friends opened their own club, Corpus E, and it was legendary! It was as if I found myself in those years about which I had read and watched so much.

I wanted to immerse myself in this culture, so I decided to start small. I helped the guys with everything, carried bricks, swept in the club and at the same time learned DJ skills from them. Later I became a resident of the LOUD1LOUD1 promotional team, where I played at every party. Also, the guys from Local Radio often invited me to play on broadcasts. Through which you can now see how my taste and skills in mixing tracks have changed.

Besides music, I’ve always been fascinated by the visual side of the world. So I wanted to capture as many moments as possible on camera and make them last forever. My experience included working as an editing director. As well as helping local guys film promos for parties and behind the scenes.

As for the DJ nickname, it was accidentally invented on vacation with friends in Crimea. When we were waiting to check into a hotel, and I forced my friend to create an Instagram. Then we started thinking about his nickname, and suddenly we came up with the double nickname and meta.sister. The idea of a meta-connection in our friendship was revived a long time ago. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s like we have some kind of meta-parent in this or another universe. Because we understand each other very well and seem to think differently at some level.

At parties I prefer to play dance music: techno, electro, hard techno. The rest of the time I listen to house music with broken rhythms and unusual sounds. I love the Russian electronic scene: buttechno, flaty, kedr livanskiy, nocow. I love listening to NTS radio when I’m too lazy to look for new tracks.

My sources of inspiration are most often other creative people, new places and streets, films, books, music and changes.

The concept of my creativity and performances is to express the idea that what is really important is not what society imposes on us. What matters is how we feel about life. And for me, it is music that gives this freedom. Where you can let go of control and take the chance to express yourself, being in the moment with people who feel the same feelings. This is a flight of thought into dreams, where everything is a little better than it really is. Yes, music is escapism, but I don’t see anything wrong with it.»