vrdnprvchk - Nastupila Osen'

vrdnprvchk – Nastupila Osen’

Vrdnprvchk [вредная привычка] joins the Welofi family with the punchy ‘Bardaak’ EP. In other words, this release blends groovy house patterns with soulful vocal lirics. Such combination creates a unique hybrid sounding. In addition, we can see pure outsider raw dance music for smooth moves.

Bardaak’s head track Nastupila Osen’ was produced a few years ago. In addition, his track had got great recognition in Russian social media space (vk, instagram).

By the way this track was premiered on EELF’s channel and full ‘Bardaak’ EP is already online! In other words, it available on bandcamp, tik tok, instagram music, beatport and other media marketplaces. Peace!

Full ‘Bardaak’ EP tracklist:

1 Nastupila Osen’
2 Sizhki
3 Malospaal
4 Bardaak (office)
5 Peregaar