PREMIERE: Sawshank - Happy Hour [Bøne.FM]
PREMIERE: Sawshank – Happy Hour [Bøne.FM]

Prepare to be transported back in time with Sawshank’s Debut Release on Bøne.Fm. The ‘BLISS’ EP showcases the Delhi-based producer Sawshank’s attempt at classic old-school groove-driven techno, claiming his position as a unique artist in India’s emerging Techno Scene. In other words ‘BLISS’ EP presents four slick techno cuts, each a testament to Sawshank’s prowess as a producer. With a combination of nostalgic elements and contemporary innovation, this EP is a true showcase to the timeless allure of techno and is sure to leave a lasting impact on the dance music landscape in India.


In particular opening the EP with ‘Special Weapon’. It performs a journey with its dark ambient muscular tones & drawing inspiration from classic trance. The track is guided by sweeping synths, drums, and grooves to take the listener on an adventure like no other. It’s followed by a burst of energy and happiness with ‘Happy Hour’. A track that exudes powerful, rolling dynamics, setting the tone for what’s to come.

Then comes ‘BadBoy’, ramping up the pace with a tough kick & bass with resampled lush chords and ambience with a super funky groove. Making it a track that has zipping melodies and a flurry of percussion licks, creating an electrifying sonic experience. Closing the EP with  ‘Good Intentions’. Which offers moments of serenity and peace only to erupt into infectious and captivating drum grooves, showcasing Sawshank’s ability to seamlessly blend old-school influences with modern flair. And taking the listener into looping territories while keeping the energy and vibe uplifted with chopped-up vocals and house inspired synths.


As a result Sawshank is the inner demon of Shashank Chauhan, he brings a fresh and unique blend of genres into Techno & EDM. As an unstoppable producer, he continues to introduce vivid energetic tunes for his listeners. He is inspired by artists like Arjun Vagale, Hecktor Oaks, Viper Diva, Tale of Us & more. Bringing an entire jukebox of music from groovy melodic techno to major headbangers. Furthermore he has released a couple of EPs with BeatsHD, a Portugal based record label & has played alongside artists like CalmChor, Jitter, Reverse Osmosis & Praveen Achary.





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