Interview: Welofi x ulderico tarasconi

Interview: Welofi x ulderico tarasconi

Ciao, Ulderico! How is it going? First of all, let us congratulate you on your «Modelissimo» EP. Interested in model-making?

Thank you! Glad you like “MODELLISMO” – The release is going well: everyday I receive new interesting feedback from all around the world, many big names of club culture are supporting the EP.. I couldn’t be more pleased

I’m not exactly passionate about model-making.. This EP is just my tribute to the old school house music: I did replicas (reproductions) of the music I love.. It was like building a model.

How did you first discover your passion for music and for leftfield house in particular?

I’ve always been passionate about electronic dance music.. since I was a child – house / techno / disco / progressive ..I like everything!

I’m not exactly a fan of this “new” leftfield wave – Let’s say that 2 years ago I (re)discovered my love for the music I used to listen a long time ago.

Tell us a bit more about your music equipment. Can you say that an old Akai MPC is your main tool? What about Swiss pocketknife? Sounds very interesting

Everything you can hear in this EP passed through an AKAI MPC 1000. I recorded,  cutted and edited every single sample with Akai…  Let’s say that this incredible sampler is my swiss pocketknife a multi-tool knife

Did you notice that increased attention to the oldschool house/ lo-fi house music, some sort of trend has emerged. What do you think about that?

I think music is somehow cyclic, every musical period or trend is going to go back in style, you just need to wait for it to come.

What we call “lofi house” today is what we called “old school house” 10 years ago, “underground” 20 years ago or “Chigago house” 30 years ago: we are always talking about the same thing, that periodically goes back on trend. 

In this particular case of the lofi house explosion, I personally see that as a celebration of the house music’s roots… at least that’s what it is for me!

What inspires you the most?

Literally everything! Every kind of music genre can be an inspiration for me… sometimes it’s just a bass, a pad or a voice that gives me the right vibe! There’s no rules in inspiration.

I just wish this doesn’t develop into something really mainstream, cause it’s important to know its origins and treat it with respect. I think this is the only way to make it last longer.

Italy has its special house sound and the community of musicians too. Can you say that Italy is not static in the musical aspect, that it’s developing or there are some problems maybe?

There are a lot of different realities that are coexisting in the Italian underground panorama right now but I feel like the main trend is the techno/techhouse. 

For what the leftfield/lofi is concerned, let’s say the movement is slowly growing, but unfortunately for a dj it’s difficult to find his own place in this panorama.


What are your plans for 2018?

I just finished a remix for Platform rec. and with the label (Platform rec.) we just started to work on a special edition of “MODELLISMO” – it will be “MODELLISMO The Remixes”: 4 remixers (without distinctions of genre) will work on my tracks, give it new “dresses”

Weloficast vol.13 tracklist

1) STL – Summer Breeze And Brotherhood
2) ulderico tarasconi – Milano Porta Ticinese
3) Tornado Wallace – Zorn Gottes
4) Lone – Saturday Night
5) ulderico tarasconi – Chirashi
6) unreleased
7) Spettro, Angelo V – Little Helper 309-3
8) Dj Nature – L-F
9) Redshape – Blink
10) Head High – Rave
11) Dreamatic – Audio Trip