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Saint Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg based electronic artist. Representative of OMUT – local electronic music event series.

Some random tracks in your mind:

1. Theo Parrish – Took Me All the Way Back
2. A Guy Called Gerald – Trip City
3. Gerry Read – Tinyz
4. Nocow – Samaya Dolgaya Noch
5. ЛАУД х SP4K – Cold Weapon (Scruscru Remix)
6. Mall Grab – Pool Party


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Google disk link with photos and pdf-file with technical/bio rider.

A rider is a document that a band, musician or other performer will send over to the booker relating to their requirements for performance. Most performers will have certain essential items that they need the booker to provide in order to do their job to the best possible standard. A rider states these requirements.

«меня никто не спрашивал» VA6

[Welofi, WLF120]

The sixth in a row and the first experimental VA compiled by Molokolooza. 17 final half-year compositions of domestic production. This order of tracks is not without reason: mood swings, disturbing balances, a nervous tangle of different genres. Thanks to Nikita Roteker for the mastering of the collection and the opportunity to ride on the borderline musical disorders of the Russian soul. All this is «меня никто не спрашивал».

«Uhodi Na Legke» by Akrill

[Welofi, WLF148]

01. Uhodi Na Legke (Dub Mix)
02. Uhodi Na Legke (Raw Mix)
03. Uhodi Na Legke (Slowed)

«Welofi Show Demo Review»

[Welofi Show, 2024]

We continue to analyze demo recordings from the chat – welofi chat. There was a lot of different things, and they made it into an interesting, by our modest standards, set.

This time we tried to focus on the artists themselves, who sent material and told us a little more about the local scene. At this rate, the tape is quite close to being realized. Thanks everyone, happy listening

«Lubov i Mir» LP
[TAKT Recordings, 2024]

The album “Lubov i Mir” by Akrill is a reflection of the artist’s internal experiences and moods. Compiled out of love for sound and a desire to share a piece of his world, this album is the result of a creative process saturated with emotions.

“The forty minutes heard in this album represent a harmonious blend of sounds, samples, and vocals, featuring my beloved Anna Joe.”

The rhythm section and groove, rooted in breakbeat, form the foundation of a sound close to lo-fi. In the title track, “Lubov i Mir,” the mood transitions into the realm of post-punk, where the magic of the barely perceptible kick drum dominates, giving the composition a unique character.

This album stands out among Akrill’s previous works. The unstable and non-linear kick drum adds a unique atmosphere. Reverb and a wide sound give the material a new depth.

“Lubov i Mir” is an album charged with the energy of truth, love, and peace.

«Noch» EP
[∆ØПЕ, 2021]

The debut mini-album from the Petersburg musician under the pseudonym Akrill on ƯPE. The four chapters in this story, imbued with the aesthetics and romance of lo-fi house, will immerse you in every facet of the mood. Akrill has established himself as an excellent artist and performer in his genre, this can be appreciated by listening to this EP.