146 by DJ Windows 7

Welofi podcast part 146 by DJ Windows 7

DJ Windows 7 [aka Javier Persabal] from Mexico city is getting back on Welofi with podcast!
This mix is ​​a story that has been building for years, that is why you find very old songs, and very recent songs: in a certain way, it is a compilation of the best that Lo-Fi House has given us.
Sometimes nostalgic, sometimes fateful, sometimes sarcastic and garage, but mostly real and underground.
Although the mix is ​​buggy, leave it unchanged and it was exported from the first take: I don’t need to edit this to dance for a while and make the listener dance. In life, in music and in art, nothing is perfect, it is what makes us human and gives meaning to our very existence.
As artists we always live subjugating and attenuating our work, putting it in competition with others, and trying to perfect it to unattainable limits, when on many occasions, that is what gives authenticity to our art, mistakes.
We always live longing for improvements without accepting that having abysmal failures is the best part of the road.
Btw, this mix was hosted as a part of our weekly 🔥WELOFICAST RADIOSHOW🔥 on Megapolis FM 89.5.

Tracklist – artist/label:

DJ Windows 7 – ID
Slim Hustla – 2100 @slimhustlaxxx
Pelvis – Dance Freak Anthem @pelvispelvis
Am Kinem – John
DJ Windows 7 x Leblanc – Naranja @leblancroman
Broosnica – Lo-Fi House is Dead @broosnica
DJ Swagger – Lost @djswaggerxxx
DJ ÆDIDIAS – Ape Like Nigo @ithinkthatimtomcruise
Para – Naked
Slim Hustla – She Broke Up When I Rolled Up
DJ Windows 7 – La vie d’ un artiste
Fraunhofer Diffraction – U know
emune – MIDNITE RIDE (feat. DJ BOG)
Mall Grab – Menace II Society @mallgrab

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