149 by R 417

Welofi podcast part 149 by R 417

The next mix as part of our weekly Weloficast from a musician from Chelyabinsk – R417. Btw, this mix was hosted as a part of our weekly 🔥WELOFICAST RADIOSHOW🔥 on Megapolis 89.5 FM.

Starting to play music as part of a metal band and inspired by the wave of drum and bass music, the electronic musician R 417 appeared. One of the main goals of this project is to research the metaphysics of dance vibrations, to discover the new rhythms and dynamics.
Today R 417 produces mostly ghetto tech, techno, house and drum and bass.
In terms of success, R 417 released his “Outskirts” EP this week on Welofi. And earlier there were releases on Inception Audio, Emphaseas, Death Bell Records, [Yerevan, Armenia], mixes for ParagraphsRec.

And if we talk about today’s mix, then its tracklist is a wide range of music from modern classics in the face of Computer Data and Audiojack to modern german house sounding and lots of unreleases from R 417.

Начиная музицировать в составе металл группы и вдохновившись волной drum and bass музыки появился электронный музыкант R 417. На сегодняшний день R 417 пишет ghetto tech, techno, house и drum and bass и одной из основных целей этого проекта является изучение метафизики танцевальных вибраций, исследование ритмом и динамики.
Если говорить об успехах, то на этой неделе у R 417 вышел “Outskirts” EP на Welofi. И ранее выпускались релизы на INCEPTION AUDIO, Emphaseas, Death Bell Records, из самого последнего – микс для Paragraphs. А треклист нашего воскресного эфира – это широкий спектр музыки от современной классики в лице Computer Data и Audiojack до андеграундного немецкого хаус звучания и анрелизд треков от R 417.


Rhadow – Roots
NTFO – Conclude
Telum – Telum
Audiojack – Motion Sickness
Unknown – Untitled A1
Computer Data – Departure
Jetelmen – Night Street
R 417 – ID
R 417 – ID
Stef de Haan – 2 DAYS BOP
Stef de Haan – SHENANIGANS
Noticed – You Remix (Noticed You)
R 417 – ID
Chlär – Right Mood Supplier
R 417 – ID
Chlar – Power to the Soul
Versus – What s Poppin

“Outskirts” EP

R 417 is welcome us to his angry “Outskirts” on Welofi!
This album got roots from russian version of Detroit – strong city of Chelyabinsk, and delivers all the goodness of heady evenings in ravers brains on the dancefloors. “Outskirts” consist of seven tracks which wastes no time letting you know what time it is – time to take care with your mind heartbeat.
We don’t know where R 417 got his ability to hit you with the rave voltage. – Maybe you can find the answer in next seven ghetto house bangers?
And please don’t be surprised if you find yourself shuffling like an absolute madman to this one. Be careful bro, “Outskirts” EP gently clamps around your leg like shark.

  1. Ghetto Whore
  2. Warehouse Music
  3. Hungry Day
  4. Mom I Dance
  5. Paul van Dyck my Bitch
  6. Eternal motive
  7. Ghetto Whore (Jetelmen remix)

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