Italian underground lo-fi with Jacopo Sb

Italian underground lo-fi with Jacopo Sb

I few days ago we talked with the italian lo-fi house producer  Jacopo Sb. He continued our Weloficast series with the great podcast mix and answered for some questions about his music activities.

Short Interview:

When did your path with music cross for the first time? Had your music preferences undergone some sort of transformation?

I always had this passion for the music and six years ago, by chance, I started listening to underground and electronic music and I felt in love with. Yes, my music suffered the transformation; at first I listened and produced to techno music then I found my way in Lo-fi House music.

Who or what inspires your creativity? Judging by the tracks’ titles we dare say that its connected with love by far.

I always used to listen to all kind of music and in every track there is a mix of my sound researches , especially in 80’s house disco. However in every track I create there is a connection with my family, so it’s pure love!

Your music has the specific fruitiness and smooth raw sounding like analogue machines have. Do you get this effect through the analogue equipment?

Yes, I work with analogue machine like a microkorg, Roland Tb-03, Roland Tr-09 and especially my loved tape recorder everyday! I like that people listen to the impression of many years ago, old sounds, something like that.
Ah…I also use many vst and plugins.

Any principles you adhere to in creating your music?

I have a few simple rules: first of all, simplicity; then you should always have different sound projects in order to avoid to get bored and it’s also important to think about something makes you feel happy; finally there should be a deep bass and reverbered pad!!

Tell us something about your releases. Which do you consider the most significant for today or maybe you really proud of smth?

I was lucky to be released in many labels but till today the most important release is my Ep “Roxanne” out on Bellissima Records on tape and dig. Soon I’ll be part of the V.A “All that Jelly Vol.4 ” on Smile For A While on vinyl…it will be a bomb!!

What do you think about the course of development of the contemporary raw music scene?

I think that it is in full growth (finally!!) but in Italy this style it’s not developed like I would, Even if there are many guys that like me represent very well this raw and lofi music scene. However, I love that this style is seen like a music for a few people because who appreciate it have refined tastes!

Are there any places/events with the special atmosphere for you to play or just to have some fun?

Yes! there are some place where I’d like to play like Dekmantel, Prince Charles, Club 21, Concrete, obviously Boiler Room, Redlights Radio and Serendipity (near my town) and many other…

If Santa ask you about any place in the world to play, what would you say?

If Santa asks me about a place to play, I’ll answer Boiler Room because I like the idea of being in the crowd and the relationship that is created with people.

And the last question: how ambitious are your plans for 2018?

I hope that 2018 will be a year where I will improve by music and looking for more and more to make my style known and the lofi house music to everyone.


Gutinstinct – Just Let Me Be
Almost Miami – Palm Trees
Hush Hush – Thinkinʼ bout you
LK – Unpressed
Palace – Solstice
Quasar – I Never Thought Iʼd See The Day
Baltra – Never Let Go Of Me
Ross From Friends – Crimson
Ethyène – Flying In Ecstasy
DJ LEGWARMER – Find A Reason Why
LUZ1E – U Kno How Im Feelin
DJ Windows XP – Maybe It Was Me
S.Kull – Sweet
Ross From Friends – Would You Still Be Here
DJ Boring – Unspoken Presence
Sweely – All The Reason
Jacopo Sb – Lofi Tapes 01
Jacopo Sb – ??? (Unreleased)