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DRR015 release by Dream Raw Recordings from Vienna, Austria is the result of cooperation between six different artists. This tape includes 12 track by YvesSaintRoman, Mounty, E.L.I.O., Nina, DAWG HAUS (& ASPALDIKOA! [aka Meïha]) and Joakim Hellgren (France, Ukraine, Italy, Russian Federation).
Dream Raw Recordings  produces a very smooth tape with classy house sounds & some fresh sampled tracks. All release is performs 20 limited tapes - don't be too late!. Pre-Order started at December 12, release date as at the beginning of the year - 02.01.2018.


Joakim Hellgren - Polymetric Sequence3
Joakim Hellgren - Femme
DAWG HAUS - Lafit 4 Real
DAWG HAUS - Analepsis
Nina - Don't talk
Nina - All you'll ever need
ELIO - Dovrei studiare
ELIO - Alba a oriente
Mounty - Forget Me
Mounty - Bephytb
YvesSaintRoman - Never
YvesSaintRoman - Vibes