Weloficast vol.27 w/ Foamek

Lo-fi house music podcast aka Weloficast series vol.27 with Foamek


Foamek - Sometimes
Steve Roach - Structures From Silence
Cylob - Foid
Yagya - Snowflake 6
Porter Ricks - Port Gentil
The Sight Below - Dour
Bernard Baum - Atoll
Akasha System - Caves
Cyrus - Inversion
Substance & Vainqueur - Surface
Moire - Real Special
DX20V - Untitled
Tlim Shug - Doorwaves
Chris Zabriskie - Is That You, or are You You?
Foamek - In The Water (707RZ1 Mix)
Palmbomen II - Seventeen
Roman IV - Lucy
Savas Pascalidis - Sonic Groove (Skudge Rework)
Circulation - Turquoise
Foamek - In Transit
K2 - In My Garden
Lnrdcroy - Sunrise Market
Boreal - Canopy Target
Casino Versus Japan - Late For School
Pilotredsun - Canals
EOD - On A Herald Go
Kettle - The Koi
Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix)
Retro/Grade - Moda
Legowelt - Decay Dream
Kai Mun - I got them
Cop Envy - Cue Two
Patricia - Feel Your Body
Reel By Real - Look At Me
Body Boys - First Time
Ferdinand - The Trip
Foamek - Giant’s Neck
Aleks - Give Urself To Me
Coastdream - The Key
The Cyclist- Aurora (Shortwave Mix)
Greg Beato - Haunting
Foamek - Wrong 4 U
Gene Hunt - Dr. Roland
DOS - Feels Like
High Tide - Time Unlimited
DJ Seinfeld - Forgiven
Foamek - You Let Her Go
Slim Steve - Look Out For Me
UE LI - Luv (Remix)
Foamek - Prysm FF1
Lnrdcroy - Do.ne (Original Altitude Mix)
South London Ordnance - Obsidian (feat. Femme en Fourrure)
Rudolf C - Chinaski
Foamek - Fugue
Foamek - Your Touch
Lowranger - Macpherson
DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ - All The Beautiful Things
Supreems - Us Together
Foamek - Parkway
Lnrdcroy - Thetis NNW


Lo-fi house (also referred to as outsider house) is a genre of electronic music combining elements of house music, techno and noise. The music is often rough-sounding and "lo-fi", in contrast to the "polished cleanliness" of other contemporary electronic music genres. The term "outsider dance" was first coined in 2012 by DJ Ben UFO and music journalist Scott Wilson, referring to different producers and record labels "operating at the fringes of the fringes" such as Laurel Halo and labels including L.I.E.S., Opal Tapes, Future Times, 1080p, and Lobster Theremin. Outsider house is also closely related to technoise, a fusion of techno and noise music

Lo-fi (originally typeset as low-fi [from the term "low fidelity"] and alternately called DIY [from "do it yourself"]) is an aesthetic of recorded music in which the sound quality is lower than the usual contemporary standards, or which highlights imperfections of the recording for artistic effect.

These standards have evolved throughout history, meaning that some older examples of lo-fi may not have been originally recognized as such. Lo-fi only began to be recognized as a style of popular music in the 1990s. Harmonic distortion (or "analogue warmth") is sometimes wrongly suggested as a core feature of lo-fi music. Its aesthetic is actually defined by the inclusion of elements normally viewed as undesirable in professional contexts, such as misplayed notes, environmental interference, or phonographic imperfections (degraded audio signals, tape hiss, and so on)

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